Veterinary Office Goes Beyond the Traditional

roguevalleyvetAt Rogue Valley Veterinary Hospital (RVVH) and K-9 Sports Med-Hab, pets can enjoy more than the typical treatment options veterinarians offer. The business outgrew its former location on Algoma Avenue and has opened its doors for business at 4210 14 Mile Road NE, Rockford. Established in November, 1999, the hospital moved to its new location December 12, 2008. Now in the Cedar Rock area, RVVH chose this location based on the commitment to stay in the Rockford area, better exposure, and the easy access from US 131.

With a state-of-the-art facility for canine rehabilitation, RVVH sees regular referrals from throughout the state of Michigan as well as the midwest and southern states.

The owner of the practice is Dr. Doreen Comrie, DVM, CCRP (Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner). Dr. Comrie has over 20 years experience in small animal medicine and surgery. She is a specialist in canine physical rehabilitation and sports medicine. She is the only CCRP in the Grand Rapids area and also the only University of Pennsylvania-certified Penn Hip provider in West Michigan‹a certification in evaluation and treatment of hip dysplasia in dogs.

Following their rehabilitation at RVVH, many of her patients have been able to resume agility, obedience and field trial competitions, prolonging their careers and good health.

Joining Dr. Comrie are Drs. Melinda Smith DVM and Meghan Swayman, DVM. Dr. Smith is an MSU, College of Veterinary Medicine graduate. She joined the hospital after gaining experience in small animal medicine and surgery at a private practice in Newaygo. Her special interest is in pain management for acute and chronic conditions. Dr. Swayman is a recent graduate of MSU, CVM and recently relocated to the Grand Rapids area.

Staff includes Jeanette Groner, head trainer and canine social evaluator. She is a graduate of the College for Veterinary Technician in the Netherlands and is a certified dog behavior and obedience instructor through the Dutch ASPCA and a list of other certifications and in dog obedience and training. She has 17 years experience in the field and has over 20 years experience training dogs. She has trained dogs to work in agility, therapy, search and rescue and with law enforcement for body recovery, air scenting and tracking.

Also on staff are Heather Woodard, registered veterinary technician and certified professional trainer in obedience, and Joanie Pierson, licensed veterinary technician with extensive experience in large and small animal medicine. These dedicated professionals‹members of an all-woman staff‹bring a wide variety of experience, talents and specialization to West Michigan.

Dr. Comrie moved the office because the hospital outgrew its former location and she did not want to leave the Rockford area. “I feel very fortunate to have my business in a wonderful community,” she said. “We have a very caring clientele who allow us to use our skills in treating our patients.”

Going beyond the typical veterinary office options, RVVH is a full-service medical hospital for dogs and cats. They offer vaccinations, preventative wellness care, surgery and dentistry, radiology, laboratory work, ultrasound and an on-line pharmacy. Canine behavioral problems are a hospital specialty and doggie daycare socialization, play, groups and obedience training are offered as well as training classes, a dog gym and general exercise available for active dogs. Dogs with weight problems can find help for a healthier and longer life in addition to treatment for geriatric and arthritic patients.

The hospital offers physical rehabilitation for orthopedic and neurologic treatment, as well as for post-surgical care in bringing animals back to normal function. There is an underwater treadmill, dry treadmill, extracorporal shock wave, neuromuscular stimulation, therapeutic ultrasound active excercises, and massage. Dogs who need extensive rehab stay in long-term suites and boarding is offered on a limited basis.

“We seek to find underlying problems and thereby treat the “whole” pet, not just the superficial symptoms,” Dr. Comrie said. “As a result we are known for being thorough, caring and with our staff’s unique and advanced training, we are able to treat behavior issues and medical concerns at a deeper level than the typical veterinary office.”

Drs. and staff hope to continue to provide an extremely high level of animal care and wellness to the Rockford area, West Michigan and beyond. “We build close relationships with our clients‹especially since we have been here long enough to have known our patients from kittenhood and puppyhood to senior age said Dr. Comrie.

To find out more about Rogue Valley Veterinary Hospital and K-9 Sports Med-Hab, call (616) 863-9390 visit on-line at or stop in. The hospital is open Monday, Tuesday and Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., (surgery drop-off or day-care drop-off is 7:30 to 8:30 a.m.), Wednesday and Thursday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 and Sunday the hospital is closed to public visits.

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