Health is for the well-informed

Jennifer Moran

Jennifer Moran


Quantum Touch energy healing is something that has been used since the beginning of time. However as time progressed, we’ve become lazy and started quickly covering up the symptoms of disease instead of giving the body proper food and living situations so that it can heal itself naturally, as it is intended to do; as it was made to do. Our bodies are disease-fighting, bug-fighting, healing machines when we let them!

Quantum Touch works with the body at a cellular level, restoring the natural energy levels we are supposed to have and smoothing them out, ridding our bodies of all the stress and disease we subject ourselves to every day. We spend day after day worrying and spending energy that is unnecessary. When we finally stop for a minute and our body is offered extra energy that it can use on healing itself, it can literally supercharge the healing process! Our bodies are amazing! We just have to support them and allow them to be!

Western medicine most definitely has its purpose, and I’m very thankful that medical doctors and nurses are available when they are needed. There is also a lot that we can be doing to make those visits to the doctor less frequent and less costly. We need to take time and have patience with our body, so that we can begin to listen to it instead of masking all the cries for help, also known as symptoms. We can now learn to give our body the proper tools and time in order for it to heal itself naturally and completely.

Soon, I’m sure we’d find that once we’ve stopped simply covering up the symptoms and actually start getting rid of the root problem then there will be fewer illnesses in our society; less obesity, less people who have to suffer with depression and chronic back pain and headaches. Quick fixes and fast food have been the American way up until now, but it’s never too late for a change! We can learn how to be healthy and teach the next generation.

Every minute, cells are dying, yet every second our bodies are making new cells to replace them. Every single part of the body is made up of cells. Science tells us that every few years our body is made new-completely new! Think about that. How is it even possible then, for our bodies to be sick for more than a few years, if every few years we get a new one? Have you ever heard the saying, “You are what you eat”? Well, I’m here to tell you, that it’s true. You ARE what you eat. When you eat live things, such as fresh fruits, veggies, juices, beans and grains, your body is capable of living, of making living cells that can fight off infection and keep you happy and healthy. However, when all we give our bodies to live on is dead food, overly cooked, refined and fried fast foods, pasta, meats, junk foods and sugar, then what else should we expect besides a sick and dying body? Should we expect more besides a diseased America?

When we take care of all the different aspects of our health, keeping a sound mind, looking after our spirits by always learning more and loving ourselves, then even the difficult task of taking care of our bodies comes to us with ease.

Everything is easy when you simply love yourself. Disease is only “dis-ease” in the body. Once you’ve learned how to get rid of the “dis-ease,” the disease will quickly fade away.

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