Secrets of a Sunken Cannon Revisited

Rich Geldhof

Rich Geldhof


The older we get the more powerful our minds become and when we don’t use what the brain has stored we “lose it.” Our short-term memory capacity is normally from five-nine number digits.  This explains why phone numbers and checking accounts are kept to seven numbers and a social security number doesn’t exceed nine numbers, because we have great difficulty remembering them the older we get, like a driver’s license of 12 numbers. Bob found that when you reach 55 you don’t always remember what you’ve heard correctly. That’s why it’s so important to write things down and store hard copy.    

Can you remember your credit cards 16 numbers in proper sequence?  Probably not, but we are walking computers of information and our living brain is more active when sleeping than watching mindless video games and TV.  We awaken fresh as daisies, that’s some of us, not all of us. Like computers we must discard the trash and junk, but retain important information.

When children come home from school we’ve all heard them say,  just as you said when your parents asked you, “how was school today or did you learn something new?” 

The answer was, “fine, I hate school or I’ll be glad when I’m done with high school.” Chances are you’ve heard and felt the grumbling and experienced the frightening years as a wild teenager, who viewed teachers as dispensing mindless dribble. If you dismiss them without finding out what interesting thing they taught in class each day you’ve helped de-program their thinking ability. It takes the first 18 years or more to increase the knowledge and memory retention.  Teenagers can’t swallow wisdom pills at age 16 and can’t tell parents they are smarter. They should have committed three new things (adults six) each day to memory. In doing this you are sharpening their minds and teaching them the art of storing memory by concentration.  Teachers are challenging them to see, think and retain useful information. Teachers use their skill to energize and program their minds for the future. Mindless video games for hours after school de-programs them and renders anything they might have learned as useless fodder.  Learning will help prepare them for success.

Dowsers need to see, think and visualize what they seek in their mind’s eye. Dowsing isn’t a bunch of hooey.  It takes mind focus and silent concentration and many hours of practicing and not giving up when the going gets tough or listening to skeptical friends. Only in a dowsers mind test can you sense the frustrations one can experience with mind and body to find lost treasures as a dowser, whether inside or outside.

Only through experience using dowsing rods can you appreciate success or failures as Bob experienced.  The cost of this project is two of your wife’s best metal coat hangers; even brass coated ones.  Ask her at your own risk or just make them disappear as if by magic.  Just make sure you hide them from her when finished. Either way she’ll twist your ear.

Many spectators doubted Bob’s use of dowsing or angle rods, but today dowsers are in great demand and monetarily rewarded. Not just for dowsing water, but missing underground storage tanks and cemetery lot purchasing and selling. Lots of cemeteries have lost burial records and dowsers are more accurate than half-million dollar Ground Penetrating Radar units. 

Seek and ye shall find how much electromagnetic power is stored in your boxed brain. The key to unlocking your power is determined whether you have a positive mind – no negative feelings or thoughts about how dowsing works. You must be a positive thinker. Impossible doubting you’ve set the stage for failure so why waste time?

I know I’ll be the irritation of your wife’s good nature, when she finds you searching the closet for two brass type coated metal coat hangers, then snatching two and cutting them apart. You will need an assistant or assistants in crime, a son, daughter or grandchild.  If caught with coat hangers explain it away as a chance to scientifically play with the kids, but all minds must be positive thinking.  No negatives about dowsing failures. The test is an exploration of your mind.

Watch for upcoming editions of The Squire for more Secrets of a Sunken Cannon.

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