Superintendent Shibler shines in annual performance evaluation

The  Rockford  Board  of  Education  issued  the  following  summary  of Superintendent Dr. Shibler’s performance evaluation, held on Monday, April 13, 2009 Rockford Public Schools reached two significant milestones this year: Rockford Public Schools will graduate its 125th class and Dr. Shibler will complete his twentieth year as superintendent. Dr. Shibler  continued  his  professional  and  exemplary  leadership  of  the  district and  he  is generally considered the “dean” of superintendents in Kent County and throughout the State.  

We believe that among other things, his duties as an instructor of future educators has helped to sharpen his educational philosophy and knowledge.He is dedicated to his profession, our district, and the community; and he remains totally committed to the continuous improvement of the Rockford Public Schools. Some examples of this include his efforts as chair of the KISD grassroots network. Of course the Education Yes! grades for the district of all A’s for the fourth year in a row speaks volumes. 

Dr. Shibler’s voice is sought out and highly regarded within educational circles,  as well as by the media, the Legislature and other external sources. He is a steadfast advocate for Rockford  Public Schools but also public education in general. His leadership is superior both in his own actions as well as in his support of the leadership of his administration and staff.  This year, Dr. Shibler led the development of RAMS VII,  the seventh three-year strategic plan during his twenty years.

In addition, with Meadow Ridge Elementary obtaining Blue Ribbon status, Dr. Shibler, has led the entire district to Blue Ribbon status. Dr. Shibler’s management skills and style are very structured and results oriented. His staff performs at a very high level. District goals are a high priority and the RAMS models have led to district success. Dr. Shibler utilizes his skills in all areas he operates, whether it be in the district, the community or even within the legislative arena. He is always looking to make Rockford Public Schools the best district in the state and this desire trickles down to all district staff. His focus on the district’s vision is inspiring. He is an excellent leader and manager.

Dr.  Shibler’s  leadership  prowess  serves  him  well  in  all  his  professional  relationships.    Dr.  Shibler  continues to encourage,  inspire  and  lead  teachers,  staff  and  administrators to  reach  their  potential. Relationships with  the  board,  administrators  and  staff,  comunity  leaders  and  legislators are  all  carefully  cultivated  by  his  words  and  actions.  He  has  developed  a  sense  of sensitivity  and  respect   which encourages others to follow his lead. He has formed unique
 relationships with  business,  community,  and  legislative  leaders  through  efforts  above  and  beyond the immediate duties of his position. The  personal  qualities  that  Dr.  Shibler  possesses  illustrate  what  makes  him  who  he  is  and  in  turn what makes  Rockford  Public  Schools  the  great  school  district that  it  is.  He  is  confident,  realistic,  honest  and  highly trustworthy.  His  effort, passion  and  ability  to  execute  the district’s plans  are  never  questioned  and  never  lacking.  His honesty, integrity  and  trust  serve  the  district  in  good  times  but also help  the  district  navigate  a  challenging  budget  environment. Quite  simply,  Dr. Shibler  is  the  consummate professional. He  has  a  knack  for  accepting  and  learning  from criticism without sacrificing the reputations of the district or himself. It truly is a pleasure to work with Mike. Our district’s reputation has not developed by accident. His respect and visibility within our community and with our community and with our state and federal legislators is truly  an  asset  to  our  district. We applaud him  for  avoiding complacency.  He  continues  to keep Rockford’s standards high and maintain the community as  a  place  people  choose  to  live  because of the quality of our academic offerings and opportunities. Dr. Shibler is an outstanding  superintendent and we are fortunate to have him lead our district. 

Ordinarily,  the  Board  would  recommend  and  award  an  increase  in  his  salary. However,  the budget climate for the district, the region, and the state is a challenging one and, in anticipation  of  budget  challenges  for  the district
in  the  coming  years,  the  Board  is  electing  to  freeze Dr. Shibler’s salary for 2009-2010 at its current level. 

The  Board  of  Education  unanimously  supported the  extension  of  Dr.  Shibler’s  contract  for  an  additional year taking it through the 2014-2015 school year. 

At  its  regular  meeting  held  following  Dr.  Shibler’s  performance  evaluation,  motion  was  made  by  David Keller, supported by Randall Sellorn, to extend Dr. Shibler’s contract through the 2014-2015 school year and, given  current  budget  challenges, to freeze his salary for  2009-2010 at its  current  level.  The motion car-
ried unanimously.

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