Downtown Sparta businesses staying

CONSTRUCTION SEASON—Corner of Union and Division St. in downtown Sparta taken 4/16/09.

CONSTRUCTION SEASON—Corner of Union and Division St. in downtown Sparta taken 4/16/09.

Through the orange barrels, closed sidewalks, and large piles of gravel, the downtown Sparta businesses can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and are keeping a positive attitude through it all.

Dollar N’ More owner Phil Potter uses the construction project to show that a big pile of dirt isn’t holding their business back. Instead, Dollar N’ More is taking the opportunity to showcase his products and his good humor about the project. People are stopping by the store to see what the display means and to congratulate him on the creativity and positive attitude about the project. The sign that says, “New downtown landscaping courtesy of Dollar N’ More-located behind this pile of dirt” refers to the colorful flags, flowers, and wind chimes artfully placed on the large pile of dirt.   

Construction can be difficult on businesses as customers may find alternate locations to shop during the construction or simply avoid the area altogether.

Downtown Sparta businesses are working together to let their customers know they appreciate their continued business during the construction season and appreciate their support.  “We’re all in it together,” is the attitude of these businesses who are excited for the end result of the project, expected in early July.

Take a moment to visit downtown Sparta to see the construction equipment and progress of the project.  Visit to see maps of downtown Sparta for construction timelines and the progress photos of the project.

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