Golden R welcomes class of ’59 into its ranks

Rockford High School, Class of '59

Rockford High School, Class of '59

Golden R luncheon will be held Saturday, June 27 at 10:30 a.m. at Rockford High School. The group will welcome the Class of ’59 into its ranks of Rockford graduates of 50 years or more. For information, call Dan VanDyke at (616) 942-0208 or for reservations, call Trish Armstrong at (616) 889-0416.



ROCKFORD HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OF ’59(Pictured from left to right):

Row 1: Helen Reed, Tony Homminga, Mona Gillikin (D), Andy Pogee, Marilyn Jackson (D), Chuck Polonowski, Maureen Murphy, Bernard Brosink, Lorraine Schemerhorn, Clarence Matthews, Jerry Neer, Charles Fiers, Carol VanderMolen, Reginald Craft (D).

Row 2: Gene Sawyer, Louise Lilley, Tom Krause (D), Ricki Minion, Allen Brownell, Betty Blakeskee (D), Ed Brodowski (D), Bill Critchell, Don Hunt, JoAnne Waid, David Kendall, Agnew Veenstra, Paul Seely (D), Carol Noxon.

Row 3: Terry Stoiker, Charles Haling, Joanne VanDriel, Ralph Wilson, Superintendent E. J. Kleinert, Principal Gerald Fox, Sheldon Christianson (D), Pat Streeter, Don Stinson, Alma Stuthard (D).

Row 4: John Cutler, Sandy Liefbroer, Arnold Hammer, Alice Beckett, Class Advisor Stanley McBride, Assistant Class Advisor Mildred Hackett, Barb Paas, Mel Hoekstra (D), Wendell Saladin, Willy Young.

Row 5: Pat Nelson, Joel Jannenga, Nadine Frances, June Fonger, John VanNoord, Judy Lichnowsky, Vicki Nelson, Lee Blayden, Phyllis Parter, Kay Wooden (D), Don Rusk, Karen Bellamy, Gary Barnes, MaraLeigh Sowerby.

Row 6: Lois Ellens, Gwen Mason, Tony Graves, Pat Bloomfield, Ruth Lanning, Lynn Bird, Gail Hanthorn, Milton Barry, Annette Burrows, Everett Ryan, Virginia Weller, Jim Adams, Rosalie Tompkins, Ken Duncan (D).

Row 7: Janet Winquist, Marilyn Foster, Charlene Fisk, Darlene Ashley, Ron Wilson (D), Jerry Carlson, Rowland Schreiber (D), Doug Wozniak, Barb Neumann, Jim Sheehan (D), John Shevock, Don DeWald, Jack Briggs, Mary Alice Haight.

Row 8: Ron Peterson, Diane Cassone, Ann Pratt, Sarah Sullivan, Gordon Tucker, Linda Pinckney, Janet Barker, Judy Dolan, Gary Boltinghouse, Mike Woven, Mel VanDriel, Dale Tyrell, Dorothy Parks, Todd Sloan.                                                                         (D) = deceased

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