Local woman wins first body-building competition

Local resident Kerry Foley is named champion in her first body-building competition.

Local resident Kerry Foley is named champion in her first body-building competition.

Local resident Kerry Foley is named champion in her first body-building competition.

For Kerry Foley, fitness is her business as well as a way of life. Foley is a fit pro trainer at Snap Fitness, owns a physical fitness training business, and is a yoga instructor at Rhythm Dance Center in Belmont. When a client admired her well-muscled physique and suggested she enter a body-building contest, Foley decided to give it a try.

“I didn’t ever think I would win,” Foley said of her first-place win that brought her four trophies and wins in two divisions as well as overall champion of a local drug-free body-building competition. “I’d never been in a body-building competition in my life,” Foley said.

A firm believer in a healthy lifestyle and drug-free body-building, Foley is in great shape, but had never considered entering a competition. She has also learned a few things along the way. She is already a firm believer in chiropractic care, which she said has saved her “time and time again.” She made sure she was in top shape, with visits to her chiropractor, and also prepared, with a trip to a tanning salon where she was airbrushed top to bottom.

“That was the worst part,” Foley said. “You can’t be too dark for these competitions, because it helps define your muscles.” She said the airbrushing dyed her skin, a process she wasn’t very comfortable with, but necessary for competition. “It stays on your skin five to seven days,” she said.

When Foley showed up to compete, she was excited, but had no idea what to expect. Foley’s first round was a woman’s open, where she was classified as “short” despite her being five-feet, six-and-a-half inches, because there were four women taller and three shorter. “I was really shocked when I won that,” she said.

The next round was the women’s master, for ages 35 and up. Again Foley came out the winner. Finally, Foley was judged champion of the entire event.

“Snap Fitness sponsored me to this event,” Foley said, noting that it was quite an expensive process, counting everything.

For an event entered on a lark and with the encouragement of the staff of Snap Fitness, Foley couldn’t be happier with the outcome. “It was amazing. I certainly didn’t enter to win and never expected to. It was an amazing experience and a blast-a total blast.”

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