Kent County Sheriff’s Department updates personnel

Sheriff Larry Stelma would like to congratulate the following employees on their accomplishments, retirements and respective promotions. Chief Deputy Tom Hillen has announced his retirement. Captain Bruce Partridge will be assuming the duties of the Chief Deputy. Lt. Jack Medendorp will be promoted to the rank of captain of the Road Patrol Division.

Tom Hillen
Tom Hillen

Chief Deputy Hillen has been with the Sheriff’s Office since 1977. He began his career as a cadet and in 1979 he was hired as a corrections officer. In 1982, he accepted a position within the Patrol Division and was assigned to the North Service Sector. After demonstrating his aptitude for traffic crash investigations, Hillen was assigned to the Traffic Safety Unit in 1994. He was one of West Michigan’s first accident re-constructionists. He has been called on many times by departments around the state because of his technical skills in accident reconstruction.

In 1994, Hillen was promoted to the rank of sergeant. In 1997, he was promoted to the position of lieutenant in charge of emergency management. While in emergency management, he was able to forge relationships with area emergency management coordinators, police chiefs and fire chiefs. He was able to assist public safety departments in West Michigan by helping them create preparedness plans for natural disasters. In 2000, Hillen was promoted to the rank of captain and was given the responsibility of supervising the Support Services Division. In 2002, he was promoted by Sheriff Stelma to the position of chief deputy and has occupied that position for the past seven years. As chief deputy, Hillen embraced the difficult duty of maintaining the budget and was able to lead the department through tough economic times. He also secured important funds for the Sheriff’s Office as the grant fiduciary. Chief Deputy Hillen always maintained a high level of integrity and professionalism and went above and beyond in providing customer service to the public.

Sheriff Stelma and the employees of the Sheriff’s Office congratulate Tom Hillen on his illustrious career and his retirement.

Bruce Partridge
Bruce Partridge

Bruce Partridge began his 36-year career with the Kent County Sheriff’s Office as a cadet in 1973 and was hired as a correction officer in 1974. He was assigned to the Road Patrol Division in 1974 and worked as a patrol officer. Captain Partridge has been responsible for supervising several different units within the organization since his first promotion to sergeant in 1994. In 1999, he was promoted to the rank of lieutenant and was tasked with the responsibility of implementing a security plan for the new Kent County Courthouse. He was able to develop a security staff of 30 employees and design a plan for court security, which is respected throughout the country. In 2006, he was promoted to the rank of captain and assigned to the Road Patrol Division.

Sheriff Stelma is proud to announce that Bruce Partridge is assuming the duties of the chief deputy position vacated by the retirement of Tom Hillen. The Sheriff congratulates Chief Deputy Partridge on his promotion.

Jack Medendorp is a 35-year veteran of the Sheriff’s Office and began his career in 1973. He realized his passion for law enforcement and dedicated his career to the citizens of Kent County and the Sheriff’s Office. He was a corrections officer for one year, and then became a Road Patrol deputy in 1974. Captain Medendorp was promoted to the rank of sergeant in 1986 and lieutenant in 1997.


Jack Medendorp
Jack Medendorp

Sheriff Stelma is proud to announce that he is promoting Medendorp to the rank of captain, responsible for the Road Patrol Division. Sheriff Stelma congratulates Captain Jack Medendorp on his promotion.

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