Letters to the Editor – July 23, 2009

Tragedy averted at crosswalk

 Dear Editor,

I doubt these young teens will read this, but perhaps their parents will.

I saw two kids walking south to the corner of Fremont and Division streets. I waited for the traffic light to turn green, and then started to turn. These kids abruptly started walking right in front of my vehicle. They didn’t even look to see if there was oncoming traffic.

There are crosswalk signals at this corner, but obviously “DO NOT WALK” was ignored. If I hadn’t braked, I would have hit at least one of these children! And if the driver behind me wasn’t alert, I would have been rear-ended for the sudden stop. I thank my lucky stars that a tragedy was averted. I did yell out my window, “Watch where you’re going,” but they didn’t even look back.

I’m writing in hopes that kids “look before they leap,” to use a cliché. If, heaven forbid, a toddler ventured out into the street, it would be bad enough. But 13- and 14-year-olds know better!

Mary Beth Eggleston, Rockford resident


Alpha Family Center, Independent Bank, Save-A-Lot partner together

Dear Editor,

Alpha Family Center, Independent Bank and Save-A-Lot in Cedar Springs are partnering together to raise support for life—the life of the unborn child. Today, I had a chance to partner with them. I stopped in to Save-A-Lot to make a purchase and donated money along with my purchase. I placed my name on the little baby name tag that will be displayed on the window, along with many others. Let’s raise support together. Stop into Alpha, Save-A-Lot and Independent Bank today to make your donations. Let’s fill up the windows together. Let’s support an organization that cares about the needs of others!

Lifewalk is a celebration of the lives saved and cared for through Alpha Family Center. The yearly Lifewalk took place on Saturday, June 20. The walk began at Morley Park and then wound down through the heart of Cedar Springs, stopping to pray at four key locations within the community. Over 200 faithful supporters were in attendance, pledging $17,000 in support! Everyone who participated received a t-shirt and fellowship as they rejoiced once again in God’s provision for another year. Three women were especially honored for raising the highest support to Alpha Family Center. One of the couples shared with the group, how much they appreciated the help they get from Alpha. The morning ended with a prayer, and balloons were lifted to the sky and released in remembrance of those lives lost to abortion and with hopes that many can be saved in the future. We rejoice in all who took part in the Lifewalk this year and who support us throughout the year. Thank you for your help!

Lorrie Shelton

Late night noise in lakes area

Dear Editor,

It’s 10:30 at night Saturday, July 18. Is there any way to let people know a Bostwick Lake, Silver Lake and Myers Lake Road that the Fourth of July is over? I can’t sleep and my dog’s a wreck. “They” are infringing on my right to peace and quiet. Everyone likes a good Fourth and fireworks, but enough already! I really don’t think they would appreciate it if I went up and down the streets at 1:00 a.m., blowing my horn and playing loud music! It’s the same as noise pollution. Please post in the next issue of your paper. My only recourse, if it doesn’t stop, is to contact the police. Thank you to all the responsible people who read this and agree to stop.

Karen Wrbelis, Rockford resident

Simple things give the world hope

Dear Editor,

I just received this week’s copy and I want to thank you for the WONDERFUL article that you published about our son winning the essay contest (James Doman). I wasn’t sure what to expect or even if you would consider the story at all. We really do appreciate this wonderful coverage.

I have been following the letters sent to the editor concerning budgets, figures and costs, and what you have been covering. Please know that your stories concerning the “everyday people” are appreciated and important. I love reading about girls who cut their hair for Locks for Love or about the activities of the Boy Scout troops in our community. Sometimes it is these simple things that we read about that gives the world hope and makes a person’s day a little brighter. Keep up the good work and thank you again for your special paper.

 Jane Hess, Rockford resident

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