Double Take Resale hosts annual fall fashion show

Double Take Resale in downtown Rockford is hosting their second annual fall fashion show in the Rotary Pavilion on Saturday, August 22

at 2:00 p.m. This year’s theme is “Fall For Resale,” and the show will feature fall fashions from the three Rockford resale boutiques, Double Take Resale, Gumballs and Overalls, and Gild the Lily.

The goal of the fashion event is to showcase how local Rockford families can make the most of their fall fashion budget, and also earn money by selling their outgrown items. The three Rockford-based resale shops will feature current fashions for a spectrum of clothing sizes, from infants to teens to plus-size women. Attendees of this fun event, will receive exceptional offers from the local resale boutiques, and have an opportunity to shop fashions at deep discounts.

This is the first time in Rockford’s history that families and women of all ages have three shops where they can recycle, save money and earn money by selling from their own stuffed closets! According to Cindy Palmreuter, owner of Double Take Resale, an average family with three kids can save up to 70 percent on their back-to-school shopping bill just for shopping at her store. A family that spends $500 at the mall, can now only spend around $150, saving almost $350! Since items in the store are just like brand-new, Palmreuter urges families to seriously consider resale this fall.

Double Take also pays cash on the spot for your gently worn, name-brand clothing and accessories for preteens through young adults. “No appointment is needed to bring items in, and we buy all seasons, all year round!” said Palmreuter.

Shopping at these fun boutiques not only saves families a lot of money, but can also be a great way to make money. Teresa Patteuw, owner of Gumballs and Overalls, states that “an average family can earn as much as $500 per season consigning their children’s outgrown items. Just by re-selling their like-new children’s items, consignors can purchase a whole new wardrobe for their children!”

Kim Johnson, owner of Gild the Lily, said, “We know that life involves change—we are changing careers, sizes. At Gild the Lily, we want to celebrate that change! Recycling your clothing at resale and consignment shops gives you that boost to get something great while keeping your wallet stuffed and not your closet.”

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