MCC announces spring 2009 honors lists

The Montcalm Community College spring 2009 semester honors lists include 596 students. Of these, 308 students obtained a 3.7 to 4.0 grade-point average (GPA), earning them a place on the President’s Honors List or the Part-time President’s Honors List, and 288 students earned a place on the Honors List or Part-time Honors List with GPAs of 3.3 to 3.69. Full-time students must have earned at least 12 credits during the semester and part-time students must have earned at least six credits during the semester to be eligible for honors.

Students named to the President’s Honors List (3.7 to 4.0 GPA) are Jacob Bielecki, Tina Hansen, Jeremy Menefee, Andrew Middleman, Roseanne Shears and Nicholas Wagner, all of Cedar Springs. Greenville students include Andrew Aylsworth, Courtney Baker, Lacy Bittenbender, Benjamin Bowser, Andrew Chrisman, Addie Clark, Kelly Crittenden, Bethanie Culey, Roxana Dumitru, Joseph Fletcher, Aleeson Gladding, Harmony Goodacre, Dannielle Grochala, Landon Hansen, Victoria Hare, Alyssa Heffernan, Stephanie Joki, Emily Martin, Brian Miller, Brittany Miller, Jeffery Navarro, George Quiriconi, Elena Ritter, Lisa Rosier, John Schmiedicke, Heather Sherwood, Brian Simones, Joshua Snyder, Lisa Thompson, Matthew Tissue, Eric Vaughn and Christian Wagner. Cheryl Shapiro of Rockford and Candice Russell of Sparta were also named to the President’s Honors List.

Students named to the Part-time President’s Honors List (3.7 to 4.0 GPA) are Katie Bellingar, Alexander Feravich, Wendy Kempkers, Rebekah Raisch and Michael Wheat, all of Cedar Springs. Greenville students include Julienne Adrianse, Valerie Barnes, Jennifer Bjordahl, Carrie Brovont, Robert Byram, Ashley Chaprnka, Kristy Curry, Laurie Ann Derosha, Lawrence Dyer, Lois Elliott, Alexander Franz, Brittney Howell, Hannah Hutson, Isaac Hutson, Andrew Krause, Raybecca Krick, Angelita London, Morgan MacDermaid, Samantha Phillips, Alyssa Purdy, Jennifer Reynolds, China Ricket, Carly Roderick, Timothy Rogers, Abigail Rouhan, Krysta Russell, Pamela Scheese, Kristin Scholten, Jamie Simmons, Jessica Stewart, Sarah Stoots, Emily Tousley, Jeremy Vandenburg, Patricia Varney and Laura Waldron. Rockford students Candy Deforest, Lisa Doneth and Cindy Murray were also named to the list.

Students named to the Honors List (3.3 to 3.69 GPA) include Tiffany Francisco and Dennis Menefee, both of Cedar Springs. Greenville students include Sarah Bradbury, Rebecca Bristol, Christa Cook, Jeremiah Edwards, Benjamin Gardner, Jessica Garvin, Margaret Gladding, Matthew Green, Chelsea Herald, Stacey Hopkins, Jessie Howard, Nichole Jensen, Amanda Major, Jamie May, Susie Pethers, Jesse Playter, Ashley Powers, Amanda Stafford, Lacy Thornton, Ruth Tyson and Robert Young. Rockford students Lisa Blanchard, Thomas Clemens, Sara Fragale, Amy Green and Brooke McGinn were also named to the list.

The Part-time Honors List (3.3 to 3.69 GPA) includes Cedar Springs students Teresa Fletcher, Leah Haadsma, Joel Siefken and Janna Thornton. Greenville students include Mark Bignell, Michael Bunce, Pam Comstock, Robin Edwards, Magenta Eggertsen, Callie Ewell-Walenga, Leighann Fries, Stacie Gladding, Melissa Golden, Mellissa Greene, Priscilla Griffes, Stephanie Gruis, Graham Hansen, Michelle Hodges, Ryan Knox, Debra Kraft, Brandon Larned, Megan MacDermaid, Brooke Mauric, Michael McBride, Melissa Meeusen, Rachel Partridge, Kenneth Paulson, Catherine Phillips, Otis Putt, Ashley Rains, Stacy Schutter, Thomas Shaw, Belinda Slock, Megan Tobias and Will Wilder Jr. Rockford students Bette Barker, Teena Brewington, Sara Burkett, Sarah Guthrie, Kelly Roach, Ryan VanSloten and Matthew Zolenski were also named to the Part-time Honors List.

Montcalm Community College is located in Sidney, Mich.

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