Boy Scout Troop 228 holds Court of Honor

Boy Scout Troop 228 held a Court of Honor Thursday evening, Aug. 27, at Bostwick Lake Congregational Church. The evening began with a pot-luck dinner, followed by the Court of Honor. The Court of Honor opened with the presentation of the flag, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. Scout Master Jim Grissom conducted the meeting and was assisted by Assistant Scout Master Lonnie Herrington, recognizing both Scouts and adult leaders for their leadership and accomplishments.

The following Scouts were introduced as the newly elected troop leaders:

• Senior Patrol Leader, Brandon Sinclair

• Assistant Senior Patrol Leader, Isaac Blenman

• Patrol Leaders, Adam Trapp, Andrew March, Kaeleb Brown and Andrew Manning

Scouts and adult leaders, inducted into Scouting’s Honor Society, the Order of the Arrow (OA), were also recognized. The OA sets out to recognize those youth and adult Scouts who best exemplify the Scout Oath and Law in their daily lives. The following individuals were “called out” this summer while at Camp Gerber: Jeff Agar, John Agar, Isaac Blenman, Nate Finneran, Brett Garchow, Britt Gauthier, Andrew Manning, Rick Manning, Brandon Sinclair, and Ryan Sinclair.

The following individuals advanced to the Brotherhood level of the OA: Evan Cederquist, Jim March, Adam Trapp, and Kaeleb Brown.

The following Scouts advanced in rank:

• Tenderfoot—Trevor Carlson, Jacob Clapp, Ryan Yarger

• 2nd Class Scout—Ryan Yarger

• 1st Class Scout—William Gauthier, Nathaniel Gomez, Thomas Gomez, Austin Walters

• Star—Kaeleb Brown, Gregory Clapp

• Life—Andrew March, Tyler Winkles

Eagle Scout Taylor Grissom received the Bronze Palm for additional achievement and his leadership.

A total of 128 Merit Badges for subjects such as Citizenship in the Nation, First Aid, Camping, Space Exploration and Personal Fitness were awarded to 38 Scouts. With more than 100 Merit Badges to choose from, Scouts are encouraged to increase their skills and to learn about new areas of knowledge.

The evening ended with the announcement of coming activities and the retiring of the Colors.

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