Should the United States have universal healthcare?

Rockford Squire intern


“Yes, if they can’t get it any other way.”
—Doris Garrison, Lansing

“No, because there is already Medicaid and Medicare programs in place for those without insurance. I don’t want big government to be the boss of my healthcare.”
—Cynthia Pritchard, Davison

Note: These two women were in town to enjoy Rockford prior to their attendance to a convention in Grand Rapids. It was their first visit to Rockford. “I love the town, it is so friendly and unique,” Pritchard said. Garrison said they found lots of gifts to purchase and had lunch at Grill One Eleven.


“We have an obligation to help those in need. But the program they’re offering isn’t what we’re going to get for that amount of money. It’s also going to create shortage of doctors because their pay will be reduced. And the less doctors there are the longer we’ll have to wait to be treated.”

—Ralph Dewey, Grand Rapids





“The concept doesn’t fit the middle-class lifestyle. The rich are coming up with this, and they don’t know how we live. I don’t want just one company. I want the rest to be there too. I want to be able to choose who provides my healthcare.”

—Mike Kaleniecki, Dearborn





“If the government is running it, a bureaucrat might tell me if I should have a certain procedure done or not. I want a doctor to tell me that. Also, why should they run this program but not Medicare or Medicaid?”

—Norm Konczal,





“Not the way they’re planning now. Not enough people know about it. Nobody has said what will transpire. The uncertainty is too great.”

—Esther Wood, Cascade

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