A Message for You — October 22 2009

Are you down in the pit?

Algoma Baptist Church

Do you feel like you are down in a pit today?

Many of us remember hearing the Bible story of Daniel and the lion’s den when we were children. It may have been one of the first stories we learned in Sunday school.

Daniel and other Jews had been conquered by the Babylonians and taken captive back to Babylon. King Darius of Babylon was so impressed with Daniel that he made him into a governor in the country. This brought on great jealousy among the other governors and they devised a plan to get rid of Daniel. They knew that he prayed to his God three times a day, so they deceived the king into making a decree that only he should be prayed to as a god. Then they caught Daniel in the act of praying and turned him in to the king. The king had no choice but to send Daniel to his death in the pit where the lions were kept. Would Daniel survive? The next morning, the king came out to the pit.

“Daniel, are you alive?” asked the king. “Has your God saved you down in the pit?”

“Yes,” replied Daniel. “My God has saved me.”

Many of us today feel like we are down in the pit. Perhaps it is a pit of unemployment. Perhaps it is a pit of health problems or marital problems. We don’t know if we are going to survive down here. But the good news of the Bible is that God is with His people in the pit and that He protects and loves and saves His people there.

Are you down in the pit today? Turn to the God who saved Daniel in the lion’s den.momma will never hear the last word about you.’ I have never heard nor ever been so touched by someone’s gratitude as I was with the words of this young man. If you really want to know the best way to express our gratitude and thankfulness to God, then never let anyone you know hear the last word about God and the blessings He gives each of us.”

Can you think of a better way to express your gratitude—your thankfulness to God?

In the first verse of Psalm 105, God tells us to give Him thanks in exactly this way: ”Give thanks to the LORD, call on His name; make known among the nations what He has done.”

Whenever you or I tell someone something great that this person or that did for us, there is no doubt in their minds that we are grateful and happy for what this person has done. This kind of gratitude is genuine and it is real, and this is the kind of gratitude and thanksgiving God wants from all mankind.

As believers whom God has called and saved through Jesus Christ, we respond to His saving work according to the words of Isaiah in Chapter 12: “In that day you will say: ‘I will praise you, O LORD. Although you were angry with me, your anger has turned away and you have comforted me. Surely God is my salvation; I will trust and not be afraid. The LORD, the LORD, is my strength and my song; He has become my salvation.’ In that day you will say: ‘Give thanks to the LORD, call on His name; make known among the nations what He has done.’”

As you and your family prepare for the fast-approaching holiday season, I pray that no one will never hear the last word of all the wondrous things He has done for you in Jesus Christ.

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