Holiday Cooking with Deanna House

Beware of flying spatulas! Your ticket to Deanna House’s annual Holiday Cooking show in Rockford doesn’t come with a disclaimer, but maybe it should. House warms up the crowd by throwing out “prizes”-maybe a spatula, a package of napkins or even a pot holder.

Deanna House has given presentations in Rockford for 16 years and says that “this crowd is unusually faithful and supportive.”

House has done presentations for groups from 50 to 500 for churches, community groups and fundraisers. She has been putting out cookbooks for over 20 years. House’s specialty is recipes that use “real” ingredients and are quick.

One of the most anticipated features of her show are the door prizes. House gives away the food that she makes that night and, in addition, has several servings already made up and frozen to give away.

Each person attending receives a ticket and hopes that their number is drawn when the time comes to give away food.

It’s not all about the food, however. There’s a lot of humor and camaraderie. House even takes the opportunity to poke fun at Martha Stewart.

Join in for an evening of fun and entertainment along with taking home several new recipes. Deanna’s show will be held on November 3, 7:00 – 9:00pm at the Rockford Freshman Center. Register on line at or call Rockford Community Services at 863-6322. Cost is $10.

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