Rockford Rotary begins annual Citrus Fruit and Nut Sale

Leaders of the Rockford Rotary are excited to announce the kick-off of this year’s fruit and nut sale. For over 30 years area residents have looked forward to the club’s annual sale of fresh picked, tree ripened, Indian River oranges and grapefruit. Delivery this year will be December seventh.

Rotary members are contacting friends and neighbors for orders as this paper goes to press. Each year the fruit is eagerly anticipated as it offers a sweetness and freshness that can’t be found in the normal market. Fruit is picked and sorted in Florida on the weekend, shipped on Sunday and delivered Monday and Tuesday.

In addition to fruit options, Rotarians have been offering fresh roasted cashews for

several years. All these products bring a

special sense of holiday anticipation to homes and make wonderful seasonal gifts. If

you haven’t purchased fruit or nuts before you are encouraged to contact a Rotarian or send your order to Rockford Rotary, Box 492, Rockford, MI 49341.

Prices and Quantities are: 

4/5 bushel ( approximately 64 oranges) $27

4/5 bushel (approximately 32 grapefruit) $27

4/5 bushel mixed fruit (1/2 order of each) $27

2/5 Bushel any combination of above $20

1/5 Bushel any combination of above $14

1 pound of fresh roasted cashews $12.50 

Payment is due on delivery, so include your name address and phone number.
Deadline for orders is November 18.

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