Letters to the Editor — November 11, 2009

letter-WiseParent awareness night presented by students

Dear Editor,

I was invited by a student to Chandler Woods’ Parent Awareness Night on Tuesday, Nov. 3. Individuals of the eighth-grade class gave presentations on topics that deal with teen issues. Some of the topics included were suicide, child abuse, peer pressure, abortion, evolution, eating disorders, divorce, drug use, etc.

I fought back the tears as a student named Sarah read a poem about a three-year-old that was killed by her alcoholic father. She showed photographs she had found in magazines and pointed out statistics of abuse. Sarah shared with me that many of the children were ages 0-3 and unable to cry out for help, much of it is behind closed doors. I had no idea that child abuse was such a common problem.

One of the students who was making the awareness of “cutting” said that she personally knew of about 20 kids who do this to themselves ages 10-30; some do it for attention and some because they are really hurting inside and don’t know how to express themselves.

I was also amazed to find out that some seemingly harmless video games such as Pokemon and Dungeons are linked to suicides and murder. The young children that play the games are influenced negatively to devalue life and unknowingly engage in introductory forms of witchcraft. Some of the children start acting out what they’ve learned, have social, mental and/or emotional problems, and many have symptoms of bi-polar or start hearing voices.

These eighth-graders were able to speak to me at such a deep level. I was impressed with their authority and boldness. I asked a few of the kids why they chose their topics. Most of them all chose topics that have affected their life and people they know. They were so passionate about what is going on around them, it was like they were showing me “look at all these dark places” and then saying “let’s turn on a light; you can be that light.”

They taught me how to recognize someone who is being abused or abusing themselves and what to do about it. I was greatly impacted by my visit. I really felt like I was surrounded by a small army of heroes fighting against evil and injustice. I know these students will make the world a better place.

—Michelle Wise
Wise Photography


Poem on seasons

83-year-old Margaret submitted this poem to the Squire with hopes we would share it with our readers.


Now is the last of summer’s sun

For all too soon this season’s done.

The flowers and gardens have had their day

And things that grew have gone away.

When Autumn comes she will replace

The vibrant green on Nature’s face.

Orange and gold, red and brown

The trees put on their lovely gown.

And for awhile they stage a show

But deep inside they surely know

It’s just a passing fancy flight

A prelude to a darker night.

The white of snow, a coverlet

To hide the resting earth, and yet

Another phase is stirring deep

To soon emerge from winter’s sleep.

Then joyous spring breaks through the soil

And starts anew each season’s toil.

Summer, fall, winter, spring

To all her cycles Earth will cling.



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