Your vote needed to move Rockford grad to broadcast job

ROCKFORD’S GUITAR MAN—Vote for Emmett TerBeek at WOTV’s website.
ROCKFORD’S GUITAR MAN—Vote for Emmett TerBeek at WOTV’s website.

Contest to decide next television spokesman

Any employer knows how difficult it can be to find the right person for the job. Next time, just run a contest. WOTV 4, an affiliate of WOOD TV 8, is finding its next spokesperson that way, and Rockford resident Emmett TerBeek hopes to win the job.

TerBeek was chosen as one of 20 finalists from an open casting call in Grand Rapids and Portage that had hundreds of hopefuls. On November 30 he will be on the station live with the other finalists to hear who made it into the final six. The lone winner who is chosen December 7 will be awarded a $20,000 one-year contract to work for the station as spokesperson and on-air personality.

The 2004 Rockford graduate works as a musician, music teacher and male model. He would like to break into a broadcast career and perhaps the movie industry with this opportunity. Although many may think his interesting way of earning a living is a dream job, he graduated from Grand Valley State University in 2008 with a degree in marketing with an emphasis on sales.

“When I graduated, I couldn’t find a job in sales,” he said. So he went with his other talents and makes money with music and modeling. Now he isn’t interested in pursuing his intended field, but hopes landing a gig on television could help him get into Michigan’s new movie industry. Rockford residents can help him succeed.

The next round will be five individuals chosen by the station, and one more by popular choice. TerBeek hopes Rockford will come through for him by logging on to WOTV’s website ( and vote for him. He is the only finalist from Rockford. Voting is through November 29.

VOTES NEEDED—Emmett TerBeek wants to be the next Face of 4.
VOTES NEEDED—Emmett TerBeek wants to be the next Face of 4. Photo courtesy of WOTV 4

TerBeek said he thinks he did pretty well on his initial audition. He waited in line three hours and was nervous going in. “As soon as I got in front of the camera it was smooth sailing,” he said.

While waiting for his audition he and other hopefuls were able to watch the auditions of those before them. He said no one seemed to meltdown and he understood from talking to others waiting that he was up against a lot of talent with tons of broadcast and performance experience.

The interviews were limited to one minute, and TerBeek used his time with a song written just for the audition and a quote from the movie The Anchorman: “I look good. Really good.” His interview, as well as others, is online at the station’s site.

He hopes people will remember him as the “guitar man.” He used his guitar in his audition and has been teaching to Rockford residents and the area. Some may remember him as the guitar teacher at Pick’s music store in downtown Rockford.

Runners-up get nothing, but win or lose, TerBeek is happy he gave it a shot. “Life will go on. I’ll chalk it up to a great experience and I was able to meet some really cool people,” he said.

“I’m hoping personality and good looks will nail it,” he said. “A vote for Emmett is a vote for Rockford.”

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