Letters to the Editor – December 10, 2009

Pool used by many for health

Dear Editor,

We have heard a rumor that the swimming pool housed at the Rockford Middle School is to be closed due to lack of funds.

It is my understanding that this is a “community” pool, for which 1 mil was voted in by the public for maintenance of this pool.

For health reasons a lot of us go twice a week or more fo water aerobics. We are senior citizens trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We would be at a loss if this pool closes, especially with the millage already voted in for this. I truly hope someting can be done to prevent this closure.

Marilyn J. Cole, Rockford resident

Don’t close school pool

Dear Editor,

I and about 10 to 12 others swim twice a week at the North Rockford Middle School pool in the “Aqua-Flex” class. This is primarily attended by those who use this as a rehabilitation following surgery and for those who just want to keep mobile.

It has been mentioned that the school is intending to close this pool due to finances and hold the classes at the high school. This is very unfavorable to our group who need the warmer water as the high school pool is very cool.

I remember that when this school was built the Krause family donated the pool. However, the taxpayers voted to pay the necessary costs for maintenance. If this is still happening, why does the pool have to be closed?

Please, school board members, reconsider this motion.

Bonnie Miller, Belmont resident

REF concert expected to sell out

Dear Editor,

Cliff and Nancy, this is AMAZING! I LOVE the article and I am so grateful to you both for writing it. You two certainly have a gift for writing.

Tickets have been selling very well, and once this edition of the Squire reaches Rockford residents, I will expect a sell-out by mid December.

Thank you so very much.

Sue Arend, Rockford Education Foundation

Anderson thanks Squire

Dear Editor,

I must tell you, I’ve had countless writings done about my work and myself over the last 34 years. And it’s not just because this sculpture is so grand on so many scales and will have an impact on so many people, but this article, in the way it flows and touches on all aspects, including my family, my business, and even my concerns and commitment of making this sculpture the best it can possibly be—and it was even accurate!—is the best article of them all. I can’t thank you enough. And, yes, I am very pleased. You guys are amazing. Thanks again.

Steve Anderson, Andersons Metal Sculpture

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