Start planning for winter weather mail delivery

Planning ahead for snow, ice ensures delivery, safety

It’s hard to stay ahead of bad weather. The snow and ice always seem to know when we have plans, special things we need to do, or when we just want to stay inside where it’s warm and toasty.

No matter when bad weather comes, it’s important to act. We each owe it to our families, our neighbors, and our letter carriers to make sure our property is safe and accessible.

“Make sure to keep pathways and stairs clear, as well as all walkways and the approach to your mailbox free from snow and ice. This will prevent injuries and allow postal employees to provide the best possible service, even in the worst weather,” said Sabrina Todd, Greater Michigan Postal spokesperson.

“Mail delivery in rural areas and on private and secondary roads can be especially challenging for rural carriers due to snow removal not being as immediate as on primary roads. Most carriers on these delivery routes utilize their own private vehicles and often times can get stuck or cannot access the mailboxes due to snow and ice build-up. Removing the snow from around these mail receptacles will definitely be appreciated,” added Todd.

Additionally, customers in rural areas can benefit from renting a post office box at their local post office. Post office boxes can be rented for six- or 12-month periods and provide consistent delivery, even in inclement weather.

The Postal Service delivers to more than 142 million homes, businesses and post office boxes. This includes mountains, valleys, door-to-door in the Everglades by boat, and lower still, to the bottom of the Grand Canyon by mule train. And in doing so, letter carriers encounter every kind of bad weather our nation knows.

The Post Service realizes that their customers desire to get their mail delivered consistently regardless the season. With your help, the Postal Service can provide you with uninterrupted service this and every season.

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