Weather icon joins Squire team

Meteorologist Craig James, new Squire columnistMeteorologist Craig James, new Squire columnist

Craig James to share thoughts in column

At the Squire we take pride in being a source of more Rockford news than any other publication in the world.

Now the team here offer another exclusive feature treat for our readers. Meteorologist Craig James has agreed to share his thoughts on weather-related topics for your enjoyment.

James is practically a household word when all things weather are discussed. Before his retirement in July, 2008, he spent 40 years broadcasting weather news on television.

He was chief meteoroglogist at WZZM-TV for 12 years and chief meteorologist at WOOD-TV for 24 years. When news of his retirement was reported in June of 2008, the Grand Rapids Press dubbed him “Mr. Weather.”

Those of us who have spent a lifetime learning what to expect from the weather from James have certainly missed him being a regular part o our lives. After a long career reporting the news of temperatures, world and local weather and causes and effects, James doubtless has a unique insight on the field.

Remember the Squire report of James’ thoughts on man-made global warming (he doesn’t believe in it)?

That article had readers calling and e-mailing in response as few other stories have done. Pardon the pun, but that is surely not the only “hot” topic James will likely address.

See page 13 for James’ first column, this one on the difference between weather and climate.

The Squire staff are thrilled to welcome James’ expertise to our repertoire and hope our readers will enjoy these columns as much as we know we will. From all of us who have missed James since his retirement, we say “Welcome back.”

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