Local teacher to live in tree


RCS teacher promotes fundraising through Operation Squirrel

Rockford Christian junior high teacher, David Buth, has once again challenged the middle school students with an exciting fundraiser goal. For every $100 the students raise, Mr. Buth has committed an hour of consecutive tree-dwelling. Fundraising has already begun and will last through early spring 2010. Last year during his Operation Squirrel adventure he endured a horrific storm suspended 40-feet above the ground. This year, he intends to live 60-feet off the ground.

Not only were Rockford Christian students enraptured last year with his tree-activities, they were also inspired by his commitment to his goals even though at times it was difficult.

Mr. Buth is a science teacher with an environmental focus including seven years of teaching, seven years as a camp counselor, and ten years of leading students on wilderness trips.

Mr. Buth will lead the summer expedition of middle school students from Rockford Christian School and Grand Rapids Middle School on an exciting trip to attend the Teton Science School for a five-day environmental school.

Along the way the students will stop at the Grand Teton National Park, Yellowstone, Devils Tower, the Black Hills, and even celebrate Independence Day at Mt. Rushmore. The trip will enable the teens to reconnect with creation, community, self, and God in some of the most spectacular and rich settings in the country.

Last year Mr. Buth’s tree-dwelling adventure brought news camera crews to the Rockford Christian campus, along with some generous contributions from local businesses and individuals. In addition to the stream of video and still camera crews, countless families stopped to chat or bring food. Old and the young stood at the base of the tree amazed at how Mr. Buth functioned while using a pulley system to retrieve supplies and Post Office for Operation Squirrel mail (or POOPS for short).

The POOPS mail enabled students to ask Mr. Buth questions while he was hanging out in the trees about life that high up or anything in general. In addition, Mr. Buth was the center of attention during the school’s recesses and even taught classes during the day.

If you have any questions about Operation Squirrel, please contact Principal Jan VanderWerp at (616) 574-6402 or jvanderwerp@grcs.org.

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