Watch out! There’s a new kop in Rockford


At first glance, this petite unassuming freckle-faced woman would appear to be just another Rockford resident. Do not be fooled! This one person is well-equipped to arrest the unhealthiest of us lurking in the shadows of poor eating habits and poor food choices.

Kelly the Kitchen Kop’s beat is right here in Rockford and she is cleaning up the town by educating us on the hazards of poor eating habits. This “kop” is trying to save us before we commit a serious crime against our body that may have serious long-term consequences. Have you heard the old saying “You are what you eat?” What you eat can lead to not only weight issues but lack of energy, depression, hyperactivity, digestive issues and even infertility among hundreds of other maladies.

Who is this food crime fighter and how and why does she do what she does? Kelly the Kitchen Kop is a healthy-cooking, traditional food, vibrant health, busting “politically correct” health and nutrition information blogger at The idea came after speaking to a M.O.P.S. group and it was suggested she start a blog to educate the uninformed when it comes to eating healthy. Kelly will admit she is technically challenged, but she has the passion to get information out and into people’s hands any way she can.

The “Food Queen,” as she is affectionately called, has had an odd interest in nutrition since 2004, which is when she saw the light and had her “food conversion.” Since then it has been a hot topic that many people have asked her about and sought her advice. People come to her because they know how much research and investigative reading she has done on a wide variety of food and health-related topics. After praying for direction, she decided to follow her passion and start her site, which has exploded.

How big has she become? A leading site that measures Web visitor traffic, Alexa, ranks her site close to the top 100,000 websites. What is the big deal? Considering that there are millions of sites on the Web, this is incredible for a meek and mild-mannered mom from Rockford, Mich. Her site provides information, recipes, links to other sites, and much more. A professed politically incorrect person, she likes to show people that eating foods that our grandparents and their grandparents ate is not such a bad thing. Her goal is to help people learn which foods are best for us and how to live a better quality of life.

The website has a wide range of topics that will peak your curiosity, like “What Does 7x Underwear Have to Do with Health?” and “What if Sex was Bad for You?” The website is chock full of recipes from healthy breakfast ideas to real homemade ice cream. Are you confused if soy or butter is good for you? Check out what the Kop says about them.

Kelly is a big supporter of locally owned and operated businesses and small local farms. She knows that the money she spends on the farm goes directly to supporting that farmer and his family. Knowing the person who grows her family’s food, how it is raised or grown, and that they use safe farming practices is comforting. The Kop can feed her family safe food that is nutrient-dense and know that her produce, milk, meat and eggs have no chemicals, antibiotics or hormones.

Next time you are speeding through the checkout line, I would recommend that you look over your shoulder and see if the Kop is around, because she’s on the lookout for your own good. Better yet, contact her at and talk to her about setting up a consultation to avoid being arrested by your own poor eating habits.

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