Rockford skiers finish first at Caberfae

 Ben Avink skies to a sixth place finish at Cabrfae.


Ben Avink skies to a sixth place finish at Cabrfae.


Rockford High School downhill ski racers completed their regular season with a race at the steeper, longer slopes of Caberfae on Jan. 29 and the final race at Cannonsburg on February 2.  In the end, Rockford boys’ team finished in first place in both events, well ahead of the favored East Grand Rapids boys’ team and last year’s conference champion, Grand Haven.  It was a combination of strong individual finishes and the depth of the team that allowed RHS to claim these results.  RHS boys consistently had all of their team finishing in the top 20.

Team results for the last 2 races of the season were as follows:

Caberfae Boys Race
1st—Rockford – 64 points
2nd—Forest Hills Central – 109
3rd—East Grand Rapids – 114
4th—Forest Hills Northern – 117
5th—Grand Haven – 185 
Cannonsburg Boys Race
1st—Rockford – 65 points
2nd—Forest Hills Central – 122 points
3rd—East Grand Rapids – 137 points
4th—Forest Hills Northern – 149 points
5th—Grand Haven – 174 points
Caberfae Girls’ Race
1st—Grand Haven – 66 points
2nd—Forest Hills Central – 94 points
3rd—KHLCP – 126
4th—Forest Hills Northern – 146 points
5th—East Grand Rapids – 176
6th— Rockford – 201
Cannonsburg Girls’ Race
1st—Grand Haven – 61 points
2nd—Forest Hills Northern – 103 points
3rd—Rockford – 127 points
4th—Forest Hills Central – 137 points

John Milewski took fifth with a time of 51.95.


The Caberfae race was cold and windy, as usual, and was very challenging, even for the top racers, with several falls and mishaps due to the tougher conditions.  Rockford boys were able to show the strength of their team with a top place finish overall. Their strongest showing was in the slalom event with all 6 racers in the top 20.  Michael Dix led the scoring with a first place finish with an overall time of 49.80, nearly a full second ahead of the 2nd place racer. Rounding out the scoring
for Rockford was John Milewski in 5th (51.95), Ben Avink 6th (52.08) and Taylor Noakes 7th (53.15). Travis Fleming finished in 10th place (56.14) and Casey Hefferan in 18th (59.69). A perfect team score is 10 and Rockford scored 19 in the event.  In the GS event, Avink led the team with a 5th place finish and an overall time of 1:00.48.  Dix placed 8th (1:02.05), Milewski 13th (1:04.93) and Fleming 21st (1:06.87).  Noakes and Hefferan also competed. 

Bethany Hicks.


The girls’ top racer at Caberfae was Carly Funk, with a 2nd place finish in slalom (54.70) and a 22nd place finish in GS (1:20.30).  The girls’ scoring was rounded out by Emily Macauley in 21st in slalom and 27th in GS, Kaiti Bartholomy in 35th in slalom, Bethany Hicks 41st in slalom and 24th in GS, and Ashley Rister 29th in GS. 

At the Cannonsburg race, Rockford’s boys finished nearly 60 points ahead of the second place team.  For the third race in a row, in the slalom event Michael Dix finished in 1st place with a combined time of 1:00.05.  John Milewski finished in 5th place (1:01.83), Ben Avink in 8th (1:03.00) and Casey Hefferan in 13th (1:06.17).  Outside of scoring range, but with strong finishes were Tyler Manikowski in 17th (1:06.61), and Taylor Noakes in 25th (1:09.90).   In the GS event, Avink finished 4th (55.23), Dix 5th (55.45), Manikowski 10th (56.44), and Noakes 19th (58.05). Travis Fleming and Michael Kommer also raced GS. 

For the girls, Julie Daukss also finished first in slalom with a combined time of 1:03.61.  Carly Funk finished 3rd (1:06.50), Bethany Hicks finished 20th(1:16.19) and Kaiti Bartholomy finished 27th (1:20.77).  Also with strong finishes, but outside of scoring range were Emily Macauley in 34th (1:25.20) and Emily Kommer in 35th (1:25.26). In the GS event Daukss finished 3rd (56.80), Funk 4th (57.89), Hicks 34th (1:06.52) and Kommer 35th (1:06.66).  Outside of scoring range was Macauley in 38th (1:06.91), and Ashley Rister in 41st (1:07.97).

Both teams move onto Regionals at the steeper, more challenging slopes of Marquette Mountain on Thursday, Feb. 11th

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