Rams commit to colleges for football

Paul Mudget, Taylor Masiewicz and Joe Stefanski sign letters of intent to play football for the school of their choice.

Paul Mudget, Taylor Masiewicz and Joe Stefanski sign letters of intent to play football for the school of their choice.

Three Rockford football players sealed their fate as far as their choice of college on the first day possible when they signed their letters of intent on Wednesday, February 3, in the Ram Den at Rockford High School.

Joe Stefanski, tackler, and also a star in the school wrestling program, announced his choice of Ohio University. Coach Ralph Munger introduced Stefanski as a three-year starter for Rockford. Stefanski, a 6’3” tackler at 225 pounds, said his most memorable moment in his high school football career was the Muskegon game when he was a sophomore. He said he liked that last year Ohio was first in their division and the school has an excellent program. He had advice to offer upcoming players at Rockford. “Work hard and get good scores on the SAT.”

Paul Mudget, a 5’9” and 168-pound kicker, signed to play football for Central Michigan University. He credited his success in the game by the hard work put in with Coach Munger over the years with his success.

His highlight of his high school career was winning the state championships. For younger players in the program, Mudget advised, “Get your highlight tape out early and let them [scouts] get a look at you.”

Taylor Masiewicz, quarterback for Rockford at 6’4” and 175 pounds, chose Ferris State University. He said his favorite memory of his high school football career was the fourth-quarter comeback this year to win over Muskegon.

He credits discipline during his high school career for his success and advised young players to work hard as well. “Go hard all four years and don’t slack off.”

He said he is confident about playing in college because he has been well-prepared by the Rockford coaching staff.

Congratulations to these three young men and best of luck to them as they finish their high school careers and go on to the next great adventure of their lives.

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