A Message for You — February 25, 2010

Done for you!

Rockford United Methodist Church

Several years ago in California, a seven-year-old boy fell into an old abandoned mine shaft. His playmate ran for help. Rescue workers moved in quickly. Heavy machinery was brought in, and tons of dirt began to be moved.

Finally, after 36 hours of digging, the rescue operation was completed. The seven-year-old was taken out of the old abandoned mine shaft, was taken to a local hospital for tests and, when all the tests were completed and the “green light” was given, he was released and sent home.

On the way home, the boy persuaded his father to go back to the place where the accident had happened. When they arrived at the old abandoned mine shaft, the boy was shocked. He saw that a mountain of earth had been moved by the machinery, and he turned to his father and asked, “Do you mean that all of this was done for me?”

His father stopped the car, hugged his son tightly, and said, “Yes, my son, all of this was done for you—all of this was done to save you.”

That is exactly what the cross means to we who are Christians!

“All of this,” says God, “all of this was done for you—all of this was done to save you!”

And that’s what the holy season of Lent is all about. In this very special season of the year, I strongly encourage you to attend the church of your choice this week, and to remember to thank our gracious God for all that He has done and continues to do for you!

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