Valley View Elementary’s Sam Corey: an Example in Excellence

Sam Corey, natural leader, stands up for what is right

Sam Corey is the son of Chris and Michelle Corey and brother to Christopher and Hannah. He is described as a kind student who goes out of his way to befriend others who may not be as socially or academically gifted. He never puts himself above others and takes the time and effort to put others at ease.

Sam is a natural leader who stands up for what is right. In the classroom or on the playground he has a sense of fairness that guides him. He is a leader by example. Although Sam is smart, athletic and musical, he does not see himself as better than anyone else and is very aware of the needs of those around him.

Sam’s teachers say he knows right from wrong and his parents, family, faith and friends motivate him. He knows he has special abilities and is determined to fulfill his potential. He is self-motivated and works hard to achieve his best.

A talented young man, Sam is able to play multiple musical instruments: the guitar, violin, drums, piano, harmonica and bass guitar. He has earned many trophies from various sports.

Sam is a volunteer Safety, on the school Green Team, a member of a band, a member of his school Student Council, a “bus buddy,” a music club member, involved in his church Our Lady of Consolation, and active in Odyssey of the Mind. Sam’s talents, but more importantly, his compassion and sensitivity for others, make him an Example in Excellence at Valley View Elementary School.

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