Batting coach: ‘I teach confidence’

Bob Simonson believes he can get your kid off the bench. The former pro ball player opened PowerBall Baseball and Softball Training Center in March at 8181 Graphic Drive (US 131 and Ten Mile). With a lifetime of experience in the field and behind the diamond, Simonson can improve the hitting and pitching skills of anyone over the age of six who is willing to learn.

TAKE YOUR GAME TO THE NEXT LEVEL—Bob Simonson offers more that just mechanical improvement to any player's game, he also helps build the attitude that players need to succeed. He opened his training facility in Rockford this March.

“I teach confidence,” he said of his style of training. Simonson opened his 12,000 foot center in March and already has about 70 kids coming regularly. He said improvement is often seen nearly immediately. “Little kids you have to be careful of, bigger kids, I crack down on them.” He said he tells youngsters who are cocky to talk with their bat, not their mouths.

“You have to have a good raport with kids and make it fun for them,” he said. “I love taking the kid everyone makes fun of and making them the best hitter on the team.”

The 1982 Sparta High School graduate played pro ball for nine years and has had a career playing or coaching that has taken him around the world. He chose to return to the area to settle down and believes there is a need for the training center here. He said people have been willing to drive for hours and uses the example of three girls from Manton High School who are commuting daily during their spring break to improve their softball game. Tracy, Becky and Kala began working with Simonson on Monday and by Tuesday had improved their skills.

Spring clinics are coming right up with a baseball hitting session April 5 and April 7 from 9 a.m. to noon and softball April 6 and 8 at the same time. One session is $35, both sessions for $50 for either clinic. On April 8 a baseball pitching clinic will be 9 a.m. to noon for $35.

Visit to see the new facility or visit on facebook at powerbaseballsoftballtraining to find specials. Mention this article and receive ten percent off any package.

Simonson, whose brother is Bill Simonson of the Huge Show, is nothing if not confident he can help kids play ball better. “You bring me that kid, I guarantee they’ll be the best hitter on the team.”

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