Morgan honored for service on board

‘Unending determination and steady leadership’ cited

Rockford’s own Roger Morgan has been recognized by two boards recently for his years of service. The Kent County Board of Commissioners, on which Morgan has served since 2000, and the Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) since January 2006 both honored Morgan for good works and service.

Some highlights of Roger Morgan’s chair tennure include creation of the West Michigan Sports Commission, bonds for the Kent County parking ramp at the airport, establishing a critical Kent County Central Dispatch Authority, competing the Human Services building and approving Millennium Park Master Plan.

“Roger has been a huge cheerleader in Kent County,” said Doug Small, managing director of the CVB. He said Morgan worked hard to make sure visitors realize what Rockford has to offer when they come to Grand Rapids for conventions or other reasons.

During his tennure Morgan positioned the City of Grand Rapids as a destination that is more and more popular. He said people come for leisure as well as congerences and conventions. With the lake 30 minutes away, and downtown known for culture, as well as rich in natural resources—the Grand River and White Pine Trail—it only makes sense to promote Rockford to that market. Morgan has done a good job of that, Small said. “Rockford is in all the information we provide.”

Daryl Dellabio, Kent County Administrator, said Morgan has had a unique and influential term as Chair of the Kent County Board of Commissioners. He is the first since the early 90’s to chair for four years. “It is a lot of responsibility for a part time job and it is a pretty thankless position,” Delabbio said.

The county recognized Morgan for accomplishing over 500 resolutions during his four-year term. The position of chair is chosen by his peers on the 19-member board.

The county thanked him for unwavering, steady leadership and declared Tuesday, December 15, 2009 as Roger Morgan Day in Kent County.

“He has an easy manner about him, but he also believes strongly about issues that are important and has the courage to take on issues others might not have,” said Delabbio.

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