Monorail, Nessie just our joke for you

Graphic designer Melanie Ragsdale took this picture above and this picture below to make our April Fool front page photos for you. Nessie she did the same way. Thanks to everyone who called.


So many Squire readers called to find out more about the new White Pine Trail Monorail that we featured on the front page of the “Square” on April 1. It was fun to inform them that it was just another annual installment of “The Rockford Square,” our April Fools edition designed to tickle your funnybone. Surprisingly, most considered the monorail a pretty good idea and something they would love to use. Maybe the state will take us on our joke and consider the idea.

Similarly, Nessie in the millpond is a product of our imagination and graphic design. She still resides in the John Ball Zoo park pond where we photographed her just for fun a month or so ago. The image turned out useful when we were trying to think up one more funny picture to create. Thanks to Nancy Hill for that idea.

Sean White really was at the Burton Snowboard place, though… just kidding. It was some guy that really looks like him. That picture we didn’t have to doctor at all. And of course, Big Jerry is just funny all by himself—no work on our part required.

We look forward to pulling your leg next year. Happy April Fools Day!

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