Twelve Odyssey teams advance to state finals

Rockford competed in the regional Odyssey competition, sending 18 competitive teams and seven primary teams. 

The primary team members are in grades kindergarten through second. The teams work to problem solve creatively, take part in spontaneous competition and do a presentation of their problem solution.

Rockford students compete at the Odyssey regional competition.

Rockford entered teams from Crestwood Elementary, coached by Diane Jones; two teams at Roguewood Elementary, coached by Kurt Hazelwood and Michael Merren; Parkside Elementary, coached by Jeff Geshel and Dan Travis, and two teams at Valley View Elementary, coached by Eldon Palmer and
Kris Bialias.

All the team members receive special recognition, but the greatest reward is knowing they DID it. Congratulations to all our primary team members
and coaches.

The competitive teams are in grades three
through 12.

Rockford had four of the 18 teams receive honorable mention in fourth through sixth place at the competition. They were Belmont Elementary School in fourth place, coached by Rich Kotarba and Barb Schuck; Lakes Elementary School in sixth place coached by Sherry Brown and Cheri Karafa; Crestwood Elementary School in fifth place coached by Heather DiCosola, Jeanne Burnes, Kiersten Walstad and Parkside Elementary School in fourth place, coached by Sue Hagedorn, Jamie Lausin and Gail Lass.

Rockford now has 12 teams advancing to state finals. The teams that tackled a vehicle problem and advancing are: Roguewood Elementary in first place coached by Julie Merchun and Katy Scheffler; Parkside Elementary in second place, coached by Kristy Dorman, Winnie Bolam and Sue Bristol and North Rockford Middle School in first place, coached by Judy Nauta and Joan Lawton.

Teams that “Discovered Treasures” in the classic problem and will be moving on are Valley View Elementary Team A in third placecoached by Lori Jarrett, and Julie Wendtland and Valley View Elementary Team B first place coached by Shari Waldvogel and Michelle Ferguson.

Teams who performed in “Food Court” and are moving on to state are  Roguewood Elementary in third place coached by Wendy Goushaw and Jen Masternak; Valley View Elementary Team C in second place coached by Joan Lawton and Angela Clum; Cannonsburg Elementary first place coached by Karen Dufendach and Angie Uhall; North Rockford Middle School in second place coached by Kris Haines and Rebekah Chino; North Rockford Middle School B in first place coached by Catherine Behrendt and Carla Wylie and Rockford High in first place coached by Matt and Lesley Zainea.

Rockford earned three special awards also. Rockford High School earned outstanding creativity in all areas of their long term performance. Cannonsburg Elementary earned the Outstanding Omer Award for an unique and perfectly portrayal of the character “Granny-Ola.” Parkside Elementary received the Ranatra Fuscar Outstanding Creativity Award for the creativity and humor and character acting throughout their entire performance. This automatically advances them to state.

Parksides Ranatra Fusca is the 12th team of Rockford that will be sending to State Finals!

Congratulation to all who worked so hard and creatively and good luck to those competing at State Finals April 17 at Davenport College. Go Creative Rams.

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