A Message to You — April 22, 2010

We are always in good hands

First Congregational Church, Rockford

I realized that I had no real memory of the night after my surgery. I had this image of my husband smiling into my face as I was wheeled to my room, telling me the good news that they had found no additional cancer. And I knew I spent those evening hours with him. But apart from that I couldn’t remember anything about that night. I felt a little bit anxious realizing this, because I typically remember how I’ve spent my time.

As suddenly as I felt the anxiety rise, however, it left because I knew I had spent time with my beloved. He would have been protective of me. When I asked him if I was alert that evening, he filled me in on details of our conversation and watching TV together.

Anesthesia is strange stuff, preventing us from remembering seemingly lucid moments. But, because I was in good hands, I knew I had nothing to fear from that time of amnesia.

We may think that we have control over our lives until something unforeseen comes along. Then we might begin to panic.

The comforting news for us is that we are always in good hands. Nothing will happen to us without God knowing about it. That doesn’t mean that we will be exempt from pain or hardships. It assures us that when we are vulnerable, Christ will shield us from attack. When we are weakened, Christ will grant us His power. When we can’t remember the past, Jesus will help us live fully in the present. When our circumstances change to such an extent that our heads are spinning, God will keep us anchored.

We can rest assured that our lives are always lovingly held in good hands, the hands of a God who loves us and knows us completely. How blessed we are to know such love and protection all our days!

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