Rockford Freshman Center’s Brooke Glencer, an Example in Excellence

Determined student is a role model
for others

Brooke is the daughter of Joseph Glencer and Stacy and Terrence Sammon. She is sister to Morgan and Hunter Glencer and Zack, Blaze and Jordan Sammon. Brooke is a self-disciplined student who puts every effort into the tasks she undertakes. She is caring and sets an example for others in the way she treats those around her.

Brooke’s giving attitude is clear in all she does, from volunteering at the Equest Center for Therapeutic Riding to her passion for recycling. She takes items to Goodwill for donation and is a very loving person. She is a good role model for her siblings and is equally comfortable with animals, children and the elderly.

Since she was young, Brooke has wanted to be a teacher becauseshe loves helping others. This compassionate attitude is obvious to those around her, and she shows her caring by helping others.She is always polite and considerate, and puts her best effort into all she does.

Brooke values her family and her faith, and works hard to make good decisions. She takes her work seriously and plans to attend Michigan State University. She is an organized student who is both easygoing and determined.

Brooke enjoys shopping, babysitting, cheerleading, kayaking, jet skiing, cooking, gymnastics, reading, writing and swimming. She is a regular Honor Roll student, and was Citizen of the Month at her school. She is first chair in band and is in cheer.

Brooke is a student who has earned the rspect and amration of her peers and teachers. She is a person who has a solid sense of responsibility, but also strongly believes in making the world a better place. At Rockford Freshman Center, and in her life outside of school, Brooke is clearly an Example in Excellence.

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