Byrne Electrical Specialists buys XUS Corp

Above is an example of the innovative “green” LED lighting for commercial exterior, municipal, parking garage, and indoor industrial spaces.

Byrne Electrical Specialists Inc., a local manufacturer privately owned and operated for 40 years, has announced the acquisition of XUS Corporation, a leader of “green” innovation in the LED solid state lighting industry. The company, formerly out of Holland, Mich., will become part of Byrne’s diverse product portfolio, which includes power and data distribution technologies.

The move puts Byrne Electrical in a unique position to develop innovative “green” LED lighting for commercial exterior, municipal, parking garage, and indoor industrial spaces. The features and programs to support these excellent products position Byrne to become a leader in the global solid state lighting industry.

“We are excited about our entry into the emerging market of ‘green’ LED lighting and the opportunities it provides for continued growth with the Byrne team,” said Managing Director Dan Byrne. “At the same time, this acquisition represents a continued commitment to keeping jobs in West Michigan, even amid fierce competition from overseas.”

Byrne Electrical Specialists Inc. will manufacture and support the XUS acquisition from its Rockford manufacturing facilities. This will be in addition to other innovative Byrne power and data distribution technology products.

The company was recently granted a 12-year tax abatement by the City of Rockford to help cover costs of a 3,000-square-foot addition. The existing facilities are 90,000-square feet. “We definitely faced a difficult 2008 and 2009 was also challenging,” said Michael Lomonaco. He said the company’s success is the result of a very conservative company strategy.

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