Former sports columnist joins race for office

For more than 30 years, as sports editor and main sports columnist at the Grand Rapids Press, Bob Becker reached out daily to households throughout West Michigan. Now he is reaching out to those same households again, this time as a Republican candidate for the 73rd District State House seat currently held by Tom Pearce.

“When I retired two years ago, I thought I was going to be concentrating on golf and my seven grandkids,” Becker said. “But both the nation and the state have become disasters, and I decided that I needed to do more than sit around and complain. One vote isn’t going to produce a legislative miracle, but one voice, a loud voice from someone who has spent his entire life dealing with people of wealth, position and ego without being intimidated, can help make sure business is no longer done as usual.”

“I covered a lot of football and basketball games in those three decades,” he said. “But I also wrote about personal things. A lot of people grew up vicariously with my kids, because I used our experiences as a family to talk about schools, family, honor and faith. And it is because of my family… all of our families… that I have decided to make this run for the 73rd District seat.”

The problems facing the state are immense.

“I will be the first person to admit that I don’t have all the answers,” Becker said. “Which is why I have established action committees to help me work through the details. I have school superintendents and school board members who will be my sounding board on school issues, city managers or township supervisors who will tell me if proposed legislation can actually work, or is just another unfunded mandate.”

Becker’s positions reflect normal conservative principles. Government should not overburden businesses with taxes or regulations. Schools must be fully funded. The Constitution is not a suggestion, it is a blueprint on how government exists to help, not control, citizens.

Becker is a veteran, and active in veterans’ affairs. He is adjutant for American Legion Post 311 in Grand Rapids, a member of the Kent County Veterans’ Honor Guard, and a representative on the United Veterans Council of West Michigan.

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