Jazwiec announces candidacy for 73rd District State House race

Steve J. Jazwiec has three reasons he is running for the State House of Representatives in the August 3 Republican Primary to represent the citizens, business owners and school districts of the 73rd District: his three granddaughters.

Jazwiec, currently the City of Rockford Mayor Pro Tem, has announced that he is running for term-limited Tom Pearce’s 73rd District House of Representatives seat. He realizes that our children and grandchildren are the future of our state and that the citizens of the 73rd District have a huge decision to make this election year. His proven record of being a community and educational leader, along with being an excellent problem-solver and level-headed thinker that listens to both sides, has led to an enormous amount of encouragement and support.

Jazwiec said that his platform is based on three important issues facing our state today: the economy, jobs, and fixing our structural deficit. “We need to create a climate that helps our small- and medium-sized businesses succeed in the state so they in return can hire more workers. At the same time we must fix our broken tax system so we can stabilize our funding for schools and local government,” commented Jazwiec.

Elected to Rockford’s City Council in 2001, Jazwiec served as mayor from 2003 to 2006, and is the current Mayor Pro Tem. He initially got involved with the city through his appointment to the Rockford Area Arts Commission, in which he helped start and co-chair Rockford’s Celtic Fest and later planned and implemented the successful Huntington Rogue River Blues Series. Jazwiec is a graduate and proud football alumnus of Grand Valley State University, where he received his M.Ed. in administration and B.S. in education. He has been teaching since 1977.

Our school districts are facing the same crisis as our local governments when it comes to state funding, and Jazwiec has experienced that first hand also. Jazwiec stated, “Our schools need equitable, adequate and stable funding for the future of our state, our children. We also need to stop legislating unfunded mandates and can’t wait any longer to address our structural deficit problems that have been offset by federal stimulus money the last two years.”

Community leaders have pledged support for Jazwiec’s candidacy. Superintendent of Rockford Public Schools Dr. Michael Shibler stated, “ I support Steve’s position that schools need equitable, adequate and stable funding, and that we need to fix our current structural deficit problem. He is an educational and community leader that is a strong supporter of public education. We need leaders in Lansing who understand the crisis facing education and are willing to take the decisive action needed to insure our children’s future.”

Steven R. Servaas, 63rd District Court Judge, said, “I have known Steve Jazwiec for a number of years. He is a level-headed, conservative thinker and excellent problem-solver, who is concerned about community and state matters. He is exactly the kind of person we need in the legislature.”

During his announcement, Jazwiec shared, “This election is historical. It is only the second time since World War II ended, that all four constitutional offices—Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, and Secretary of State—will be open at the same time. It would be an honor to represent the voters of the 73rd, and take part in history, if they decide to send me to Lansing this pivotal election year. I pledge to work endlessly so that the voices of the 73rd District are heard.”

Jazwiec and his supporters will be hitting the campaign trail in the coming days. Their efforts will include collecting signatures, attending community events, and most importantly going door to door to meet voters and listen to their concerns. You can learn more about Steve J. Jazwiec and his campaign for the State House of Representatives by going to www.SteveJazwiec.com.

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