Class of 1960 to be inducted into Rockford High School’s Golden R Club

Time flies and it has been 50 years since these fine young men and women graduated from Rockford High School.

They are about to be inducted into the Golden R Club at the next RHS reunion. A few are missing, can you help find them?

ROCKFORD CLASS OF 1960—(Row 1) Phillip Bonner, Mary Anne Whittall, Robert Matthews, Hildegard Labell, Charles Plambeck, Gracia Sutliffe, Gerald Wozniak, Carol Isler, Orvil Sullivan, Dave Hutchings, Sally Rabe, Ken Streeter, Caroline Dame, Kenneth Hoekstra; (Row 2) Leona Kroes, James Fowle, Suzanne Whittall, Duane Phillips, Elizabeth Hobart, Ronald VanderMeer, David Stiles, Linda Hoekstra, Louis Ferrand, Carole Holden, Larry Bird, Thelma Pates, Roger Nielsen, Judith Peterson; (Row 3) George Herrington, Carol Drullinger, Jacob Callen, Catherine VanderPan, Todd Fulbright, Bobbie Jo Ellens, Larry Hall, Frances Gedritis, Gerald Schapp, James Elenbaas, Mary Wood, Roger Lesley, Sally Nuyen, Gail Norman; (Row 4) Esther Myers, Clarence Fiekema, Carol Ploeg, Larry Bronsink, Donna Kleyenberg, James Hall, Michael Moyer, Sandra Vis, Herm Fiekema, Ruthanne Charles, Ric Pinder, Karen Krause, Tim DeRegnaucourt, Alice Veenstra; (Row 5) John VanderBrink, Georgia Hartwell, John Norton, Mary DeBruyn, Terry Greer, Mr. Fred Schultz (Advisor), Mr. Edwin J. Kleinert (Superintendent), Mr. Gerald Fox (Principal), Mr. Clinton Linhout (Advisor), Dave Crane, Leta Smith, Dave Dodgson, Patricia DeJager, Gerald Swanson; (Row 6) Michael Kerr, Beverly DeVries, Arlene Teesdale, John Kopp; (Row 7) Janice Boss, David Houseman, Karen Hoover, Clarine VanderPan, Peter Kuzimski, Jerry Finch, Anne Streeter, Harry Sherman, Gloria Dosenberry, William Blickley, Ruth Dines, Charles Gross, Joanne Waid, Ron Beckett; (Row 8) Ron Bagley, Nancy Tyrell, Albert Kozal, Allan Erhart, Sally Cavanaugh, Clayton Maulter, John Falarski, Steve Carlson, John Richards, Linda Langley, Lee Kitson, Dayle Hardie, Larry Elkins, Mary DeGraff; (Row 9) Barbara Giles, Thomas Sonke, Dorothy Garfield, Dawn Liefboer, Thomas Jackson, Mary Barthalamew, James Evans, Nancy Koster, John Campbell, Robert Pettit, Nancy King, William Hansen, Patricia Heath, Richard Livingston.

Missing classmates are Jerry Swanson, Jacob Callen, Mary DeGraff, Barbara Guiles, Al Kozal, Roger Leslie, Ken Streeter, John VandenBrink, Clairne VanderPan, and Gerald Wozniak. Do you know where these people are? If so, please call Gloria Bronkema at (616) 874-6597.

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