Tree story continues at Kimberly’s Boutique

When Lucille was a little seedling

Little did she know

That when she fully matured

She’d have two children in tow.

Their life began in a greenhouse

Where they were nurtured and watered

Lucille beamed with pride

As she watched her son and daughter.

One day a woman came

And walked down all the aisles

She chose Lucille and her children

And in a truck they were piled.

They found themselves in her studio

And with clippers she began to form

Their heads and arms and torsos

They found themselves reborn!

Lucille was proud of her new waist

And to her great surprise

Her children now could wave to her

She couldn’t believe her eyes!

Once again a truck arrived

But to Lucille’s dismay,

She was left behind

And her children were taken away.

Lucille was overcome with grief

And solemnly made a vow

To reunite with her children

Someday, somehow.

In a few days

The same truck returned

Lucille was lifted in

Now would her fate be learned?

She saw a sign reading “Rockford”

Lucille was afraid to peek

The truck stopped in front of a store

Named Kimberly’s Boutique.

Lucille was proudly potted

And placed in front of the store

She quickly realized

Her task was to greet shoppers at the door.

“What a lovely little town”

Lucille felt so very proud

She showed off her new hat and purse

While waving to the crowd.

Lucille turned her head

And looked across and down the street

A post office, a toy store

Candy and sweets!

Lucille let out a gasp

As she saw the store filled with toys

For there standing watch outside

Were her darling girl and boy!

She called, “My precious little cedars”

As tears filled her eyes

And when they finally saw her

They began to cry.

What a celebration

It compares to no other

When these little cedar sapiens

Were united with their mother!

If you wander to downtown Rockford

The cedar sapiens you should greet

Head to Aunt Candy’s and Kimberly’s

Both on Courtland Street.

You’ll be happy to know

Lucille and her children are together

You’ll discover them outside

In any kind of weather.

And even though you may say:

You’re talking about a tree

They are just so very glad

To be a family.

Late at night,

When all the lights go down

Magical things can happen

In this quaint little town.

I swear I’ve seen

Beneath the light of the moon,

Lucille standing with her children

Singing this little tune:

Lullabye my little cedars

Let momma tuck you in

We’re together here on Courtland

And will never be separated again.

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Green people… aliens or natives? Thuja occidentalis is a native Michigander.

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