Duncan Disposal’s ‘Cart for the Cure’ hopes to trash breast cancer

Duncan Disposal Service announced recently the launch of its “Cart for the Cure” program which supports the efforts of awareness, prevention and the cure of breast cancer.

Duncan Disposal’s Tom Duncan unveils the “Cart for the Cure” at a Chamber of Commerce meeting.

Customers will have the option to exchange their standard green trash carts, typically supplied by Duncan Disposal, for a specially produced bright pink colored waste and recycling cart displaying the breast cancer awareness ribbon and made from recycled plastic. Special pricing will allow Duncan Disposal customers to contribute part of their monthly trash fee to breast cancer awareness charities, enabling households and businesses companywide to make a significant and visible demonstration of their support for the fight against breast cancer. Cascade Engineering, based in Grand Rapids, is producing the cart for Duncan Disposal.

“We are excited to join in with the fight against breast cancer and believe this pink cark initiative has the opportunity to allow the curbsides of our

communities to promote the message that breast cancer doesn’t always mean an end; it can be the beginning of learning how to fight, getting the facts, and finding hope,” said Tom Duncan, president of Duncan Disposal Service. “This program continues to reflect Duncan Disposal’s longstanding dedication to making a

positive social and environmental impact while providing an innovative way to get involved in raising awareness about a disease that continues to effect women’s health nationwide.”

Duncan Disposal’s pink waste cart displays the powerful pink ribbon symbol to honor breast cancer survivors, remember those lost to the disease and support the advancement in the ongoing battle against breast cancer. In 2009, more than 154,000 women learned they have breast cancer, and more than 40,000 died from the disease, making the chance of dying from breast cancer 1 in 35.

Customers of Duncan Disposal who request the “Cart for the Cure” will voluntarily contribute an additional $5.00 to their monthly rate, which will be directly forwarded to the American Cancer Society or other breast cancer foundations in the name of the customer making the contribution. There will be a required minimum one-year commitment to participate in the awareness program.

Duncan Disposal is making this feature available to all single-family residences which it serves on an individual subscription basis. Current and new customers may contact Duncan Disposal at (248) 437-8600 to order a cart or sign up for service or visit Duncan Disposal’s website at www.mygarbageguy.com for more information.

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