Letters to the Editor — June 10, 2010

Structural deficit is for real

Dear Editor,

Last fall, public schools experienced a reduction of $165 per student, resulting in millions of dollars in reduced state funding, causing staff and program reductions.

While I was encouraged to learn that this May’s Revenue Estimating Conference projected a $300 million surplus in the School Aid Fund, I am discouraged and appalled to learn that many of our legislators are considering allocating part of the K-12 surplus to fund community colleges and universities. This position is unequivocally unacceptable!

The surplus money in the School Aid Fund must remain where it belongs and be used to restore most, if not all, of the $165 per student taken away from K-12 schools. If it is not, our 2010-11 funding will be less than it was two years ago in 2008-09, and the structural deficit is perpetuated instead of being resolved.

Please contact your legislators now!

Mike Shibler, Ph.D.
Superintendent of Rockford Public Schools

Reader opposes Presidential policy

Dear President Obama,

I regret you grew up not having the experience of working for several, small business owners. If you had, I believe you would be doing the opposite of what you have done to this country’s economy.

Someday, you will learn that you cannot advance the well-being of our “average citizen” and his future security by unfairly increasing the tax rates on successful business owners, at the same time continue to have 44 percent (+/-) of taxpayers pay no federal income taxes! To perpetuate the vibrancy of this great nation of freedom-lovers, no one gets a “free ride.” Every citizen, say age 21 and over, should annually pay some amount toward the cost of the federal government, including national defense, etc., otherwise, we ultimately, like Rome, disintegrate.

In my experiences over 80+ years, the well-being of the “average citizen” is only advanced by successful business owners and entrepreneurs taking part of their savings to start new businesses, or increase the size of existing ones, thus providing jobs at going-rate wages.

Encroaching, bloated federal government, crushing national debt, forced high union wages, i.e.; Socialism, Marxism, or Statism, whatever, all weighing down the taxpayers, has never worked out successfully, long-term, anywhere, anytime, in the history of the world, and you’ll find it true, too!

Your leadership has to change, Mr. President, in my view. Government control, where needed, is best served at the local, county or state level.

Bruce Dutcher
Rockford resident

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