Nelson runs for District 73 representative

Tim Nelson, founding pastor of BridgeWay Community Church in Rockford, community leader and conservative Republican, recently announced his candidacy for State House of Representatives, 73rd District.

Tim Nelson

“I will bring a fresh perspective and fiscal responsibility to Lansing to help better our schools, jobs and families,” Nelson pledged. “As a community leader, I have a strong history of trusted leadership that seeks to bring solutions to the big problems we face in life. Lansing needs leaders who will bring wisdom, common sense and integrity to the larger issues we face as a state. I want to bring that same influence to Lansing to help our schools, jobs and families.”

Standing on a platform of conservative values, Nelson concluded, “I am not someone who has been padding my resume for a run for public office. I am a father of four, a concerned American citizen, and a trusted leader in our community. There is a new day dawning in American public life where people are tired of the politics as usual. They want authentic leaders who have made a difference in the lives of the people they represent. This is exactly who I am. I am not a political insider. I am a man you can trust.”

“As the founding pastor of BridgeWay Community Church, our goal was to make a generational difference in the lives of people,” added Nelson. “For the eight years I served the church, we drew people from Cedar Springs, Sparta, Kent City, Rockford and nearly every township our district covers. I understand the people of this region, their hopes and fears and the dreams they have for their children. I have been putting people first my whole career and I pledge to represent you well in Lansing.”

Nelson went on to say, “I will be running on a platform of job creation, economic vitality and reforming the school funding structure that leaves our students funding at the bottom of all students in Michigan. Our students receive $7,316 per student, which is the lowest of all the districts in Michigan. When there are districts receiving more than $12,000 per student in more wealthy districts on the east side of our state, there is a real problem of funding inequality. When my neighbors are losing their jobs, and the people in Michigan face the highest unemployment rate in the country [14.1%], it is time to act. I have four school-aged children and I want to make sure they have a strong, equitably funded education that will lead to good-paying jobs.”

“Too many people are leaving our great state,” he added, “and I want to work toward a compelling Michigan that can prevail in uncertain times. We can only accomplish this together. Government needs to get back to being by the people as well as for the people. With your support and our hard work, we can make northern Kent County an even better place to live, work and raise our families.”

Dr. Michael Shibler, Rockford Public Schools Superintendent, supports Nelson’s plan for fixing the school-funding imbalance. Also supporting Nelson is Alan Moore, Greenridge Real Estate agent; Chris Carlson, financial advisor, Edward Jones Investments; Eldon Sanders, senior pastor of Crossroads Wesleyan Church; and Ron Aulbach, senior pastor of BridgeWay Community Church.

According to Pastor Aulbach, “I have worked side by side with Tim for six years and seen first hand his desire to make a difference in the lives of people. This community is already better because of the investment he and his family have made through the local church, and will continue because of their heart to serve others. I support Tim and know him personally as a man of genuine integrity, diligent in work ethic, and motivated to tackle the issues and problems others shy away from.”

Carlson said, “As a business professional who has known Tim for years, I am fully confident that he will work hard for the people of this community and beyond. I support Tim Nelson as a candidate for House of Representatives. His conservative values and efforts to equalize funding across the state’s school districts would benefit everyone in our area.”

“I have known Tim both professionally and personally for the past 10 years,” said Sanders. “I have found him to be a gifted leader, a powerful communicator and catalyst for change. He uses his many gifts to help all people know they matter and can make a difference. He is the kind of leader and brings the kind of leadership our community needs.”

He will be holding a “Revitalize Michigan Contest” on his website to solicit people’s best ideas to bring new life to our state and region. Any idea is welcome and each week Nelson will post the winning idea. This will be a campaign for the people and by the people. Find out more from his website at

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