Dennis Smith joins race for 73rd District state representative

“The past several years have been some of the toughest in our state’s history. People tell me they want fresh bold thinking and a return to the conservative principles of less government, less taxes, a stable economy, and jobs growth,” says Dennis Smith of Cannon Township, who has joined the race to become the 73rd District’s next state representative.

“I’ve been knocking on a lot of doors in the district in recent weeks,” says Smith, “and people have repeatedly lamented that neither Lansing nor Washington seems capable of fixing the problems.” Smith, a strong pro-life, pro-family, conservative, says his other core principles of smaller government, controlling spending, lower taxes and encouraging personal responsibility have resonated well with the voters in his district.

“I’ve been both an employee and a business owner,” says Smith, a 25-year Steelcase employee who was retired last year. During that same period, Smith was the founder and owner of a statewide service organization, Information Network for Christian Homes (INCH). As an outspoken advocate for parental choice in education, Smith believes parents are the best determiners of what educational method best suits their children. Smith supports public, charter, private and home education. Because of his firm belief in fiscal responsibility, INCH was operated for the entire 25 years within budget, at a profit, and without ever incurring any debt.

Of his business acumen, Steven Turows of West Michigan Accounting Services says, “I have been the accountant for Dennis Smith and INCH for over 20 years. During that period of time, I have found Dennis to be honest and ethical in his business dealings, and a great steward of his company’s financial affairs. In my opinion, Dennis Smith is exactly the type of representative this state needs to steer us into the future.”

“I believe it was my work as executive director of INCH,” says Smith, “that best prepared me for the position of state representative. Not only did I gain a strong knowledge of sound business principles, but I was also continuously involved with the legislature during those years working to pass or defeat many bills, and working closely with many legislators. To my knowledge, I am the only candidate for the 73rd District that has any working knowledge of the legislative process, and the experience needed to get things done right from the start.”

David Kallman, a Lansing attorney, said, “I have known Dennis for 27 years and had the pleasure of working with him on many legislative issues. He has demonstrated time and again his keen grasp of the policy issues involved and he has been successful in impacting legislation at every level. He will be an effective servant and can hit the ground running once he is elected. I know the people of the 73rd District will be well served by Dennis.”

Smith also believes the “servant/leader” style of leadership he developed as the executive director of INCH will enable him to be an effective servant and leader for the citizens of both the 73rd District and all of Michigan.

A 16-year resident of Cannon Township and a 17-year resident of Plainfield Township prior to that, Smith actually considered running for the position six years ago. “I basically had two jobs at that time,” he recalls. “I didn’t see how I could mount a credible campaign with so many other responsibilities on my plate. Now, with my business transferred to new leadership and my retirement from Steelcase, I can focus on serving in an even greater capacity. I am running because I believe the conservative principles of limited government, controlling spending, and reducing the tax burden works. In the ‘80s, that’s what led to unprecedented jobs growth and prosperity. You can’t tax your way to prosperity, and you can’t redistribute wealth to create prosperity.”

Smith says he will continue to knock on doors and attend as many events as he can in the district every day possible right up to the primary election on August 3.

“I believe the best way to get to know the people, problems and potential of the 73rd District is to meet and listen to as many people as I can. This is a campaign about trust. Who will people trust to represent their interests in reducing the size and scope of government, reducing their tax burden, and create an environment that will enable new and existing businesses to once again thrive, grow, hire new employees, and prosper in Michigan? I want to earn their trust,” Smith concludes.

            You can learn more about Smith’s campaign on his website at

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