Letters to the Editor — June 17, 2010

Dog issue raised by reader

Dear Editor,

While shopping at the Rockford farm market Saturday, I had to get out of the way of a man with a large Doberman on a leash. The dog was huge and must have weighed over 120 pounds. I reported it to a police officer on site only to learn that the Rockford City Commission had rescinded the no dog rule at the farm market.

In my opinion, this was a justified rule and dogs are out of place at this crowded market. The commission made a poor decision when rescinding the no dog rule. 

Bill Kury
Rockford resident


Rockford Hardware a source of old-fashioned values

Dear Editor,

When I was a little girl, I used to love to go to the feed store with my dad to pick up baby chicks. I loved the smell of hardwood floors, seed and fertilizer. The men behind the counter would tease me about my freckles until I squirmed (and I hated it). Then they would hand me a sucker or a penny for the gumball machine and I forgave them.

When I walk in to the Rockford Hardware, there is still that smell in the air that bridges the 230 miles between me and my dad. It’s like he’s right here. I needed polyurethane the other day and literally had to drag my moaning kids out with me. I promised to stay in Rockford and be quick. We walked in and the greeter pointed us to the exact spot we needed. The gentleman helping me then took the kids to a big gumball machine and offered them each one. Their eyes were as big as the gumballs. As if that weren’t enough, since it was Saturday, we each got a free bag of popcorn.

Rockford Hardware has managed to keep the feeling (and smell) of a real hardware while offering everything I need. They have also managed to bring together three generations with one sniff. It is the kind of feeling that keeps Rockford quaint and makes me want to spend my money right here in town. Thank you! 

Julie A. K. Lovelace
Rockford resident

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