Jeanine C. Herlacher only woman in representative race

“Through my work as a Realtor in the community for the last decade, I have PAID ATTENTION to what is on the minds of people in our community,” said Jeanine Herlacher, running for state representtive for Tom Pearce’s office. “They call me when their house is about to go into foreclosure. They call me when they have lost an income and need to sell on a short sale. They call me, crying with an emergency need for a place to live. You know, when my clients aren’t sleeping at night with worry, neither am I.”

Herlacher said that is why she is running for this office. “That is why I want to represent our 73rd district community in Lansing. As a local independent contractor Realtor and Associate Broker for the last decade, I’ve literally been on nearly every street in this huge district! I understand this community from the inside of people’s homes—where they live—and they expect me to be able to help. The way things are now, I know that running for this office is the right thing to do, because it’s the best way I can really help make things better for all of our neighbors, family, and friends.”

“I believe that Michigan can and will once again become an economic leader in our nation, rather than pursuing our current rating at the bottom of the 50 states.”

Herlacher pointed out that unemployment in our state continues to be about 14 percent, the worst in the nation. However, unemployment is the result of an economic illness that can be healed! She believes the following has contributed to the problems our stateis having:

  • MBT (an excessive Michigan business tax) is killing business and therefore killing jobs. The surcharge has to go, and the tax on gross receipts needs to be cut  by about half.
  • Over-taxation and new fees on the average citizen consume local discretionary dollars which could be spent in local businesses, therefore costing jobs and keeping job providers away from our state.
  • Government take-over of our lives costs jobs and hurts our economy. We need less intrusive legislation from Lansing and more emphasis on out-of-control spending and the crisis of our schools!   

“As a Realtor and Associate Broker, I have a long history of business experience.  I also have attained a Business degree with honors from Northwood University, a conservative, business, leadership, and entrepreneurial focused school.  I know HOW to get our state on the right track to economic recovery!” Herlacher stated. recovery!” Herlacher stated.

Following are her thoughts on Michigan politics:

  • We don’t need more attorneys or professional politicians in office (they love to make new laws).  We need citizens with a long-term track record in business to serve our state. 
  • We are one of only 4 states in the nation with full-time legislators similarly compensated.  Our economic situation rates at the bottom of the 50 states, while our legislators pay and benefits are the second highest in the nation.  We no longer need a full-time legislature!  Serve, then Go Home, and get a job.
  • We need more Representatives who will start saying, “NO” to creating laws that diminish the liberty of our citizens and “YES” to legislation that encourages job providers, and improves schools. 
  • If the laws passed by the House and the Senate are OK for regular-old Americans, they should be the same for the elected law-makers who pass those laws.

    We need your support to put Herlacher in the State House of Representatives for the 73rd District.  Please vote for her in the primary race on August 3rd and in the November election that follows.  We also need your financial support to win.  Please click on the “Contribute” tab to the left of this page!

    YouTube Video:  Jeanine as Event Chair of the first Grand Rapids Tea Party, 2009:

    YouTube Video:  Why am I running for State House Representative?

Jeanine competently takes on leadership roles.  She understands the importance of bringing people together to accomplish substantial goals.

A long-time Republican, (her first vote was cast for Reagan) Jeanine is currently the 35th President of the Kent County Gerald R Ford Republican Women’s Club.  Known as the “Ford Women”, the club’s primary function is political education. 

Since taking leadership of this highly respected organization, membership has increased dramatically and she has worked to bring other Republican organizations in the area together to communicate, enhancing the unity and strength of the Republican Party in our community.  You may read her remarks under “President’s Message” on the Ford Women web site:

She attended the 2008 National Republican Convention and participated as an Alternate Delegate for the Michigan Republican Party.

Jeanine currently serves on the Kent County GOP Executive committee and was asked to
co-chair the Events Committee.

Jeanine was the Event-Chair of the first Grand Rapids “Tea Party” which drew an estimated 3000 plus crowd of area citizens interested in having a voice about what is happening to our Liberty.  You may see her Tea Party speech by clicking on this link:

Currently,  Jeanine is an Associate Broker with Midwest Properties of Michigan.  As a Realtor, she is an independent contractor.  She has been a residential Realtor for the past 10 years and says that she has probably been on about every road within the entire 73rd District, at some time!  The 73rd District includes Plainfield and Canon townships, Rockford, Cedar Springs, Sand Lake, Kent City,  Sparta, and Lincoln Lake are.  As the Relocation Director for Midwest Properties of Michigan, she has taken on a leadership role with her company.  She is often recognized throughout the district by her name which has appeared on many residential “For Sale” signs in the region for the last decade .  She admits that having a last name that sounds a lot like a famous Chicago Bear’s football player certainly has helped people recognize it! 

Jeanine has been the liason for her company to multiple community organizations.  She holds the company’s membership in the Grand Rapids Econ. Club, The GR Chamber of Commerce, Local First, ERC (Employee Relocation Counsel), and a number of networking groups.  She holds professional educational designations to include GRI (Graduate Realtor Institute) ABR (Accredited Buyer’s Representative) SFR (Short-sale and Foreclosure Resource) and E-Pro (designation acquired by completing a technology marketing course of study).  You may visit her business web site at to see her profile as well as many references from past clients.

Before real estate, Jeanine was an Interior Designer for 16 years.  A commission-only career, she was successful because of her ability to listen, to work hard for long hours, and her ability to stick to long-term projects while coordinating efforts of multiple vendors, craftsmen, fabricators, installers, and manufacturers.  She won multiple awards for productivity.  

Jeanine holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Northwood University. Based in Midland, Michigan, Northwood University is a conservative, entrepreneurial and 
free-enterprise focused school that teaches leadership.  The DeVos family was instrumental in developing Northwood University’s MBA program. Jeanine graduated with honors.  Her final exit paper was highly admired by administrators when she created a unique thesis on US economic history related to the economic phenomenon which was understood by Reagan and Margaret Thatcher.  Jeanine believed that they had discovered and understood that Government intervention is the WORST way to repair a broken economy and that free markets and free enterprise are an essential component for recovery.

She holds an Associate degree in Interior Design Technology from Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas where she and Rick lived while he worked as the Sr. Industrial Engineer at the Corporate Headquarters of Payless Shoe Source.

Jeanine has been accepted into the Master’s Degree program at GVSU for Adult Education.

On the personal side …

Jeanine and Rick celebrated their 26th anniversary last fall.  Their family reside in Colorado.  Rick and Jeanine have called Rockford “home” since 1999.  Jeanine tells that, unlike many who say they have been one place their whole lives and that implies that they understand the area better than others, she has lived MANY places and has chosen this place as home because she knows that this truly IS the best place to call “Home”!  Rick is the Engineering/Consultanting Manager of Dematic Corporation.

When they were first married, Rick volunteered his service in the Air Force and they lived in Germany for 5 years.  They experienced terrorism first-hand, being on the Rhein Main Air Base when it was bombed.  Jeanine says that when you are an American abroad, you really learn what it means to love your country!  “When you live outside of the every-day comfort of simply walking down an American street … you cherrish every American you meet!  You can never forget that we are ALL Americans who love this country … even though we may not all agree on every way to make things better.  In the end, we all love this blessed land!”

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