Norton campaigns for 73rd District seat

Thomas Norton was the first Republican to register as a candidate for Michigan’s 73rd District North Kent County, starting his campaign last October with the same views and determination as now.

Norton does promise to bring sound constitutional judgment, experience in business and a promise to hold meeting in every township at least once a year to make sure he is representing the district as a whole. Norton promises not to personally attack his opponents, but their stand on the issues and past practices as to the issues. He also promises not to campaign on Sundays.

Norton has a degree in business administration. He attended Baker College for his associate’s degree and AIU for his B.A.

Norton has turned every store and department that he has managed back into the black by thinking outside the box and utilizing the materials at hand. He has managed several different grocery departments for Meijer, at their request in order to turn them around, and was a Holiday store manager. A business experience that our state needs makes Norton capable of understanding the challenges of meeting department budgets and increased sales in order to create jobs. He can help lead Michigan by thinking outside of the box with limited materials to create jobs. He also has experience in tactical operations and command with the Army National Guard with an Infantry MOS. This makes Bob Becker and Tom Norton the only two candidates running in the 73rd District to have worn the uniform of this country.

Contrary to what some believe, Norton, not his campaign people, has been going door to door, introducing himself and his beliefs since the day after filing. Norton is a viable candidate, a member of the Tea Party of West Michigan, Campaign for Liberty Caucus, NRA, Michigan Fair Tax, St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, and Michigan Army National Guard (DOD exempt).

Norton’s philosophy is Constitutional Conservatism. Quotes that sum up his philosophy are: “Just because you do not take interest in politics doesn’t mean politics won’t take interest in you,” Pericles (430 B.C.), and “The constitution is not neutral. It is designed to take the government off the backs of the people,” William O. Douglas.

Norton is running because Michigan is broken and he sees very few people with the fire to fix it. It is broken with policies at local, state and federal levels that kill the backbone of our state: the small-business owner. Thus hindering them from creating new jobs.

Norton is pro-life and will fight to restrict abortion at the state level to the furthest ability and authority allowed by the federal government to the states. He supports the right of people to keep and bear arms. Therefore, he will fight to expand the education of the CCW and simplify the process of receiving one. He supports the people to practice their faith separated from government. This includes the right of students to display their faith in schools. He will fight for and propose legislation which will protect businesses and private schools, making them immune to lawsuits when they display religious symbols in their established place of business or education.

Norton will fight for the total eradication of business taxes in order to spur permanent economic growth. No business will stay in Michigan if the cost of doing business is too high. He believes in the fair tax, which will replace the state income tax system, which taxes what we earn with a tax on what we spend. The Michigan Fair Tax is a consumption tax: the more you buy, the more you pay in taxes; the less you buy, the less you pay in taxes. Therefore, everyone pays fairly when they choose to spend. It would also make sure everyone pays their fair share of taxes by closing loopholes.

Norton also promises to fight and defend his belief in one vote, one bill legislation. This would require that a bill that is passed through the state legislature would be required to pertain to the original spirit of the bill. In other words, a road construction bill could not contain water or sewer clean-up. This would cut out pork at the state level and require the legislature to be more responsible with the people’s money.

Norton supports legislation that would require the state house to actually meet at least once a year, in every one of their townships, in order to make sure they answer and communicate with the people and not just certain segments of their district.

A full supporter of public, charter and private schools, Norton feels that all students are worth the same amount of money. Therefore, they should have the ability to go to public, charter or private schools, and the money spent on their education goes to the schools which they attend. This way all underprivileged children can afford a school of their choice. Public schools should not get money for educating students that they do not have. We should have full competition and support to educate our children.

A family man, Norton is married to Jami Marckini and they have two daughters, Sienna and Caitlyn. His parents are Edward and Iva Norton of Courtland Township. His sister, Jamie Norton, lives in Sparta Township. He has lost two brothers, Mike in 1986 and Robert in 2009 (Sparta Foundry).

More information about Thomas Norton can be found on Facebook,, or by e-mailing to

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