Letters to the Editor — July 15, 2010

Cannon Township Trustee endorses MacGregor


As most of you know there are nine Republican candidates campaigning for the State House in the 73rd District. This is a result of Tom Pearce being term limited.

I am supporting Peter MacGregor for this position because of his nine years with the township government, three years as a trustee and six years as supervisor. I have been privileged to serve with Peter these nine years on the Cannon Township board. Because he has shown great ability and responsibility in local government, I am supporting Peter in the August 3 primary. As supervisor, Peter has always had a genuine concern for the township citizens welfare, keeping a balanced budget and making sound decisions on local issues.

In addition, Peter has other numerous endorsements including Representateve Tom Pearce, Senator Mark Jansen, Michigan Chamber of Commerce, Grand Rapids Chamber of Cammerce, PAC and Peter Kruer. I encourage everyone in the 73rd District to vote the candidate with the most practical experience to lead us. Please elect Peter MacGregor on August 3.

Dick Davies
Cannon Township Truste

LaPeer endorses MacGregor for State Representative 


The 73rd House District Republican Primary has many fine candidates. There is one person in the race, however, that I believe to be a very exceptional candidate and that I would like to highly recommend to voters: Cannon Township Supervisor Peter MacGregor.

I have worked with Pete for over 15 years in local government service, watching as he progressed from Planning Commissioner, to Township Trustee, to Township Supervisor. In all these positions Pete exhibited strong leadership in the form of listening to our residents, taking care of their needs, and formulating sound government policies based on his ingrained “customer service” orientation. Worthy of mention in this difficult year, Pete took the lead in re-examining our local budget priorities, driving a budget process that achieved balance, and yet reflected vital priorities such as police, fire and roads.

In addition to a strong local government background, Pete has extensive experience as a small business owner, and well understands that essential component of Michigan’s’ economic future. This combination of experience, customer service, hard work and discipline make Peter MacGregor the very best candidate for voters of the 73rd House District to send to Lansing; Please vote for Pete.

James A. LaPeer
Treasurer, Cannon Township

Reader appreciates life ‘the Rockford way’

Dear Editor,

We got our copy of the Rockford Living magazine and, as I was looking through it, I thought to myself how cool it is to live in Rockford. It’s a short walk to downtown from where we live, and there are so many things to see and do in Rockford.

We’ve taken our family pictures by the dam and by the river at Sowerby Park, had picnics and played with our two boxers at Townsend Park and made several trips to Rocky’s for yummy ice cream.

The ice sculptures around town this past winter were so cool to see and, even though you wouldn’t catch me jumping in icy water in the middle of February, the Sweetheart Splash is a great way to bring the community together for a day of fun. The Santa Parade and the carriage rides at Christmastime are one of my favorite things to do.

The Rockford Expo in March is so much fun and Relay for Life is another great way for our community to come together to remember those that have lost their battle with cancer and to celebrate those who have won their battle. Decorating luminaries in honor and memory of my family members is especially meaningful to me.

Summertime is so much fun in Rockford. We go for bike rides and walks on the White Pine Trail, there’s the carnival and fireworks at the Start of Summer Celebration, watching the wildlife in the trails, and of course Rocky’s ice cream. The Harvest Festival is a fun way to say goodbye to summer, there’s always plenty of things to see and do. The lighting ceremony and holiday open houses are such a great way to ring in the holiday season.

It really is true… “Something is always happening in Rockford.” What a great place to live!

Brad Bussing
Rockford residen

Reader hopes schools will explain teacher cuts / playground expansions

Dear Editor,

Rockford Public Schools recently announced that they spent over $1.7 million renovating elementary school playgrounds. All buildings received rubberized turf so that kids would not have to play in wood chips. School leaders said that some equipment is 15 years old.

I recently drove past my elementary school that is located in a neighboring county. Although it has been almost 30 years since I attended, the playground is virtually unchanged: same swing sets, same monkey bars, same slides—all on old-fashioned dirt.

In 2008, voters approved a bond that gave the district the okay to upgrade the playground equipment, add 20 new athletic fields, relocate tennis courts, upgrade the football field to synthetic turf, purchase new lockers, etc. I know we have a very large district, but 20 new athletic fields, in addition to the existing fields, seems a little excessive—especially when we closed the middle school pool that area seniors used for aqua-therapy.

When Rockford recently asked for a millage renewal, residents were told it would be “catastrophic” if the millage failed. Superintendent Shibler said it would be “nearly impossible to assimilate such a cut in the district.”

I understand that school funding is complex. Districts cannot just take money set aside for athletic fields and use it to cover salaries for teachers. However, voters are consistently hearing messages about the peril of our schools. We hear worst case scenarios about diminished quality of education, and then we see 20 new athletic fields.

Let me be clear: I am very proud of the Rockford school district. Our students continuously score high on tests and exceed national averages. Rockford teachers are amazing.

I don’t want school leadership to lose credibility among voters. You may need to educate voters as to why some teachers may be out while rubberized turf is going in. When the economy is down and money is tight, everyone counts pennies. Show Rockford residents that you are counting pennies too.

Julie C. Spahn
Rockford resident

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