Letter to the Editor — September 30, 2010

“When the foundations are being destroyed, Where do we turn?” 

“Are the foundations really being destroyed?” Nationally, I believe this is the case, but it certainly is true here in Michigan. Between 2000 and 2010, Michigan has lost over 900,000 manufacturing jobs, creating a domino effect of lost jobs in almost every other employment sector. In that same time period, the state’s population has dropped by over one million, home values have decreased, and our children are leaving the state in droves. State government has been dramatically impacted—revenue to fund education, public safety, transportation, health and welfare services, and other programs cannot keep up with the demand.

It appears society has pit its hope and trust in the wrong place. We’ve mistakenly turned to government to find solutions. Our annual federal deficit spending is unsustainable, and yearly, just to maintain Michigan’s current services, our annual budget requires an additional $1.5 billion to $2 billion. So why not just raise taxes to meet the increased demand? We tried that in 2007 and in less than two years, our budget was unsustainable again. If we continue to expect government intervention in all aspects of life, then we doom our government to failure.

So, “where do we turn?” I believe the crafters of our Pledge of Allegiance were right when they stated, “When the foundations are being destroyed” is the Bible. I believe scripture reminds us again and again of two things in times of trouble: the most important place to turn is to our Creator and His word, and that God teaches personal responsibility in all aspects of life including meeting the needs of others.

Personal responsibility over the past few decades has been whittled away by a well-intended government. I believe it is important that government provide a safety net for its citizens, but we as individuals must take greater responsibility for our (in)actions and utilize our God-given talents to take control of our circumstances.

With the abundance of rules, regulations and fees in place, government has made it almost impossible for the citizens of this great nation and state who have a good idea to bring it to fruition. I believe government needs to get out of the way of average citizens trying to take care of themselves. 

Tom Pearce
State Representative
73rd District

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