Family Hope Foundation provides grants to 13 West Michigan families

Family Hope Foundation has awarded grants to 13 children with special needs and their families in the West Michigan community. These grants will be used to provide the children with special needs critical therapy that ordinary insurance will not cover. The grants provide up to $1,000 of therapy to each recipient.

Recipients are from eight different cities across West Michigan: Delton, Grand Rapids, Grandville, Hamilton, Holland, Hudsonville, Kentwood and Zeeland. They will receive therapy at five different locations including: the Center for Childhood Development, Conductive Learning Center, Dr. Marge Penning, Easter Seals and the Franciscan Life Process Center.

Family Hope Foundation was created by a small group of parents who have children with special needs.

Foundation Chair Lara Kitts said, “We have experienced first hand the difference therapy has made for our children and families. We are excited to award these grants to families that otherwise would not be able to provide therapy to their children. We would not be able to help these families if it weren’t for our generous donors and the community support we’ve received. We feel so honored to have that support and belief in our vision. Because the Board is committed to covering all operating expenses, every dollar that is donated is going straight to families in our community so that our mission can make an immediate impact.”

The Davidson family of Holland is one of the recent grant recipients. Their second-grade son, John, suffers with a sensory disorder that impairs his ability to properly function at school and at home. After being unemployed for over a year and having her husband’s hours and pay cut at the same time, Mrs. Davidson said, “Family Hope Foundation gave our family hope—a chance for us to get our son the therapy he deserves. Through his therapy sessions, I am learning so many things about my child and how to help him do daily activities with less frustration for all of us.”

Four-year-old grant recipient, Keagan Curtis, of Grand Rapids was able to attend therapy at the Conductive Learning Center with his grant money. Keagan was diagnosed with cerebral palsy after being born three months premature. His mother, Natalie Hansen, said, “Before we were given the grant opportunity from Family Hope Foundation, I searched endlessly for anything that would help us pay for this opportunity we knew would make a difference to Keagan. Family Hope Foundation means so much to me. They embrace all special needs.”

Occupational therapist, Molly Buist, is owner of the Center for Childhood Development in Jenison, which offers an innovative approach to therapy for children with a wide variety of disorders and needs.

Buist said, “Family Hope Foundation is unique in this region and offers support for an under-recognized and growing segment of the population. Many families lack support, education and finances available for thorough evaluations and treatment for their children. Most insurance coverage is limited or lacks access to private therapy. It has been exciting to hear from families how much the support from the Foundation, both financially and emotionally, has meant to them. It is heartwarming to see their hope being restored.”

For more information on Family Hope Foundation, visit or call (616)780-3839.

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