Belmont Elementary’s Hannah Kinlaw an Example in Excellence

“Can’t” is not a word in her vocabulary

Hannah Kinlaw is the daughter of Michael and Holly Kinlaw and sister to Elsie and Nate. She is an enthusiastic student who is known for her love of learning and kindness.

Hannah’s teachers describe her as a girl whose “can do” attitude pours over those around her. She is quick to help anyone who might be struggling with their own tasks and is helpful to students and teachers alike. Hannah is also an independent person who is a good decision maker.

Hannah loves to bring people up instead of down, and is a person whose glass is always half full. Her positive attitude and determination to do her personal best motivate those around her. Hannah is a hard worker who takes her tasks seriously. Her teachers say she cares about her homework and schoolwork and is never one to be half-hearted in what she does. Can’t is not a word in her vocabulary.

Hannah is talented on many levels. Her artwork was chosen for the Rockford Community Calendar and she has won awards for art. She is a level seven gymnast, who has a variety of medals for her performances. Hannah enjoys volleyball, dancing, gymnastics, jogging, swimming, skiing and riding her bike on the White Pine Trail. She also participates in her church, Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, where she is in the choir.

Insisting on a personal best and always willing to help others, Hannah is a fine Example in Excellence for her peers and the staff at Belmont Elementary School.

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