Beautiful calendar supports charities

No one likes to see another year resigned to history, but the Rockford Volunteer Service members say now is the time to start penciling in next year’s activities and appointments. Just published is the Rockford 2011 calendar for sale for just $10, with all proceeds to support charities and families in need “adopted” during the holidays. These men and women give their time generously to help keep our town running smoothly and help Rockford police officers better use their time fighting and preventing crime. They also create this calendar to fund donations to a variety of charities. Most recently they donated money for playground equipment for the Rockford Public Schools childcare program.

ORDER NOW—last year’s Volunteer Police Services Unit calendar was sold out. The photographs this year are by Michelle Wise of Wise Photography, and feature breathtaking scenes of our town and its surrounding area. Pictured is volunteer Art Howson

The volunteer police visit shut-ins, watch for parking violations, patrol our parks and the White Pine Trail, keep an eye on people’s houses when they are out of town, and staff the Welcome Center. They began selling a calendar last year and those were a great hit and sold out. This year’s calendar features the work of Michelle Wise of Wise Photography.

Police Chief Dave Jones said the volunteer patrol is in its fifth year and has been a great success. “Originally they were to provide services our officers couldn’t fit into their day. The biggest result we’ve seen is the Welcome Center [located on Squires Street, in front of Great Northern Trading Company]. The Welcome Center didn’t exist prior to our volunteers,” Jones said. “They provide an extra sense of security and serve as ambassadors of the City and the

police department.”

The calendar is available at the Rockford Police Department in City Hall, at the Welcome Center, and at other shops downtown. It contains pictures of our parks, downtown, the Rogue River, and local festivals. Each photo was taken in the month in which it is featured, proving that Rockford has events and things to do all year round.

In the back of the calendar is a handy reference to many of the events that take place each year, so you will be sure to make it to the Bike Parade on July 4, the National Night Out celebration on August 2, and over 20 other must-do events. The best part is the money goes to help those in need in the Rockford area.

The Rockford Police Department is also always looking for other volunteers in addition to the 17 people who currently offer their time free of charge. To find out more, call the department at (616) 866-9557.

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